OBX Vacation Part 1

I’m going to skip over the part of my week where I finished teaching, started living at my mother’s, and signed paperwork to sell my house. Because all of that was stressful and I’m on vacation.

Mom and I left NOVA on Tuesday afternoon and headed to my grandparents’ house in Williamsburg. We arrived in time to have dinner with them, I had chicken cordon blue that was really good! Then we spent a few hours catching up, showing and telling, the usual. Traffic actually wasn’t terrible getting down so I was in a good mood all evening. Wednesday morning we got up and spent a frustrating few hours signing paperwork (I know, I said I wouldn’t mention it but wow was that annoying in so many ways). Then we hit the road again to OBX.

Those of you who don’t know, that’s the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We came here fairly regularly growing up and usually stayed in Nags Head, but are in a friend’s house up in Duck this time. It’s a huge house for just me and Mom and has a salt water swimming pool, bikes, kayaks, etc. We walked the block to the beach first and were surprised to see how different it was from the southern beaches. Oh, I should say we got pedicures on the way over (AMAZING!) and groceries.

We ate out seafood last night, I had calamari and steamed shrimp. Tonight Mom/I split a grilled platter of steak, salmon, and shrimp. I love seafood. Especially fresh seafood. This morning was cloudy so I ran and Mom walked. Then we went to the Army Corps of Engineers station for a tour of their research pier and facility. Very interesting! We explored Corolla some too and worked a puzzle. It was a little sunnier this afternoon so we laid out by the pool but the waves were way too choppy and water too cold for the ocean. Maybe tomorrow? Night everyone!


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