Five For Five Food Flips

I should start this by telling those of you that don’t know that from March 22, 2011 to March 22, 2012 I lost 30 pounds. To be fair, I had gained some of that weight just prior to that period, but still. I did it by monitoring my portions and working out more. Unfortunately, maintaining that weight has been a bigger challenge especially with the crazy spring I’ve had and in the last three months I have gained 10 of those pounds back. That is very frustrating to me because I know I can be better about working out and eating but I just haven’t had time and have gotten discouraged.

In an effort to not only lose that weight again, but also to start actually eating healthier, I have a new plan. And I need your help. So I have had several friends become vegan or vegetarian in the last few months for various reasons, and while I know I can’t do that cold turkey, I do respect a lot of the research out there on certain foods and how they affect your body. I want to actively cut some foods out and add in others that are good for me. This will hopefully help me feel better and be more fueled for workouts.

My plan is to cut out five foods each month and add in five foods each month for the rest of this year. Now, these “flips” or swaps do not have to be equivalents or direct substitutes for one another. For example, I want to cut out cheese. I also want to add in zucchini, which I have occasionally in restaurants but want to use in daily life/cooking. So what I need from you all are suggestions of foods to remove and foods to add, preferably with some kind of explanation why they either help or hurt my body.

Note: I reserve the right to add foods back in or cut new foods out based on taste, results, or feasibility. Wish me luck!

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  1. Bill Kirchner
    Jun 16, 2012 @ 20:40:37

    Add Arugula!! My favorite plant and unbelievably flavorful/hearty, you can make a salad with it or cover a cheese-less pizza with it. It is the best leafy food for you outside of spinach and of course kale. Good luck with the swaps!



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