Pack It Up, Pack It In

I’ve spent hours, days, and weeks packing and preparing for my big move to California.  This morning the day was finally here to move out of my townhouse!  I close next Friday but have officially spent my last night in my place… I say spent the night because sleeping on my mattress under my towel, because my sheets and comforter were already packed.  And I was only in bed for 5 hours, not much of that was I actually asleep.

I researched a TON of moving options to get to Cali and decided on Door-to-Door moving, using their small, portable storage containers.  These three units were dropped off in my driveway Saturday morning (at 7:15am, sorry neighbors!) and will be picked up Monday morning.  They are delivered on a flatbed and will then be taken to the NOVA storage center.  Then, the next shipment to California leaves later this week and my three units will be loading inside of a regular 18-wheeler, which will take about 10 days to get to San Diego.  Once there, my units will go into the San Diego storage center and stay there until August 1st when they will be delivered to me at my new place!

So all day yesterday was spent covering furniture, packing the last few things, like my TV, into boxes and just double checking closets and things.  The next step of my move was finding slave labor 🙂  I am not about to pack these things by myself and certainly can’t move some of my heavier furniture down three flights of steps.  I used to find some movers to help.  I picked the movers I went with because they had great reviews and seemed to be one central guy with several other helpers.  So I knew exactly what I was going to get.  They had pictures of how efficiently they could pack and seemed like a good choice, so I went with it.  They were great!  Here’s the before and after pictures of one of my units:











So the only minor breakdowns were yesterday afternoon when I was exhausted and tried to hide from the boxes that were left to pack (see below) and today after all the units were packed and I had to lock them.  I had bought padlocks and put them on two of the three units with no problem, so I assumed (silly me) that the third would go on just as easily.  But this unit was a little older and had a smaller latch, so the padlock wouldn’t fit… but I’m stubborn as hell, so I hammered the latch straight and then hammered the lock down through the opening.  This could potentially be a problem in California, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there 🙂

After that frustration, I put the tools back in my trunk and said good-bye to my neighbors.  Then I couldn’t find my car key and spent 10 long minutes trying to find it before concluding it had to be in my trunk.  Fml. Luckily, right at the breaking point of my patience, my mother discovered she had mistakenly put the key in her purse thinking it was hers.  Crisis averted!  And if that’s the worst thing to happen in this move, I’ll take it.

Overall, phase one was very smooth… the icing on the cake?  I called and do in fact have to report for jury duty tomorrow instead of going to our teacher workday and graduation.  So get excited for a post on that experience!

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