Very Virginia Vacation

True to form, my trip to Virginia has been jam-packed. I knew this going in and was prepared for lots of people, lots of driving, and not lots of sleep. So far that’s been fairly accurate. I got in on Thursday afternoon, was picked up by mom, and then drove immediately to get my haircut. Mom and I then hung in and organized some while catching up. Friday morning I woke up to snow outside! So much for my snowless winter, lol. It was in the twenties so I canceled my plan to run and biked indoors instead. After a shower, I ran a few errands and then stopped by my former school. It was nice to see my coworkers and it confirmed for me that my next job will most likely not be in a full-time public high school. Too much I just don’t miss 😉

My uncle came into town Friday night, so more catching up and projects around the house. Saturday morning I jetted over to meet my friend John for coffee, and to hear about his upcoming adventures. Then it was back to the house to pick up Mom and head to the district gymnastics meet. The girls did great, finished second, and I was able to see all the other coaches who are some of the nicest, coolest women in the county. I probably miss that aspect of my former job the most. From there I headed into the city, in snow, to see a few girlfriends from college. An amazing dinner and great conversation carried us late into the night.

Sunday I was up at 6 and on the road by 7 (after clearing off the car). This is the best time to drive on 95 south and I made it to Richmond in record time. Breakfast with my uncle was super chill and it was nice to just hang out and catch up. It had been way too long and it was great to see him! Unfortunately, I had to skip out on church to drive to Petersburg, where I was meeting my amazing friend Paige for lunch… Which lasted almost four hours 🙂 I love this girl and could have sat and talked to her for days. We are trying to coordinate schedules so she can get out to California SOON (hint, hint). When I left her, I turned east toward the beach and Danielle. We watched the Super Bowl (at least until the power outage) and then she and her husband showed me around their adorable new house!

Now I’m pausing on my way to Newport News where I’ll have lunch with my dad’s parents before shuttling over to Williamsburg for dinner with my mom’s parents. Just having a meal for a few hours with all of these people doesn’t seem like enough, but I keep reminding myself that it is better than nothing. Tomorrow morning I have brunch with my aunt before returning to northern Virginia for my evening flight to Europe. It has been wonderful to see familiar faces and hear what has been going on here in Virginia during the eight months that I’ve been gone. I miss these people, but I also miss my California friends just in the week I’ve been gone and I know that Cali is meant to be my home right now.

I’m really going to try to incorporate pictures into my Europe posts, so look forward to that. And yes, we are aware of the issues in Turkey and will travel safely. And no, I haven’t nailed down the last week of my trip yet, but I did get my rail pass delivered at Mom’s. Everything will all work out, or it will at least be an adventure either way… Happy Monday everyone!


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