European Expedition

This is the last post I’ll be making from California for a while. No, I’m not moving again. I’m traveling! This time I will be gone for 24 days, or three and a half weeks.  And instead of just going to one country (like Chile in the fall), I will be touring six countries.  This trip has been planned… ish… for a while because I have a former co-worker that is living in Europe and has a week off, so of course I jumped on the opportunity to have someone to visit and travel with!  Then I tacked on some other plans of my own, since I’m there 🙂  After I get home on February 23rd, I plan to stick around California for the remainder of the spring and into early summer.  I’ll be ready to at least work part-time and to explore my new state more… but for now, it’s travel time!

I leave SUPER early tomorrow morning, hop to LAX, and then jet across the country to Virginia.  I decided to stop there for a few days since I didn’t make it home any over the holidays.  It was $50 to add this to my flight, so I figured it was the economic decision too.  I’ll be visiting all four of my grandparents, seeing several aunts and uncles, and of course my mom while I’m home.  I’m hoping to squeeze in time for a few friends along the way as well.

Next Tuesday, February 5th I board a plan in the evening to fly to Zagreb, Croatia. This is where my friend Katie is teaching science (and math?) at an international school.  I’ll get to explore her city Weds-Fri while she works and then we are heading off to Istanbul, Turkey together on Saturday.  Of all the places I’m going, I think I’m most excited about Istanbul.  It’s the gateway between Europe and Asia, it’s rich in history (which my students should know) and it’s just SO cool looking.  I’m going to take WAY too many pictures there, but I’m stoked.

We’ll be there through Thursday, which should give us enough time to really explore and hopefully see some of the Turkish countryside as well.  Then Katie has a conference in Berlin, so I figured I might as well tag along and mooch off her hotel room 🙂 I’ve been to Berlin before but just for a day back in high school while on a whirlwind tour of Europe.  There are definitely a lot more sites I want to see and explore.  So while Katie goes to work, I’ll take Thurs-Sun to see the city.

Then we will part ways and Katie will head back to Zagreb while I have another week in Europe.  This part is a little more up-in-the-air.  I’ve purchased an Eurail pass that allows me to go anywhere in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.  And my flight home leaves from Brussels on Saturday the 23rd.  So I’ll need to end up there, eventually.  I’m thinking I’ll do 2-3 days in Amsterdam, then a day in Luxembourg, then 2 days in Brussels… but we’ll see what happens!

I fly home all day on the 23rd, first to London where I have a six-hour layover and might try to sneak out to Windsor Castle, then a direct flight from there all the way back to San Diego.  My hope is to just thoroughly this opportunity and trip, because I don’t know when I’ll get to do this again depending on job/school plans.  It’s going to be tough to be gone from my Cali friends that long because I hate to miss out on stuff, but travel is a huge passion of mine so I need to follow it while I can!


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