What’s in Fnshine?

I know that most of you read my announcement last week that I’m coming back to California, but there’s something I didn’t mention in that post. I have decided that my beloved Volkswagen Golf, Fnshine, will not be making the trek back with me. I plan to write a “best of Fnshine” post in a few weeks, but for now I wanted to discuss the contents of my car. Just in case y’all were curious, lol.

So I did a first sweep of the glove compartment, armrest, central console, door compartments, and trunk. I will admit that I tend to think my car is kept clean… but man, was there a lot of stuff tucked out of sight. I’ve had Fnshine since 2003, so twelve years of stuff has definitely accumulated. I’ll include the full list below, with a few stories and photos to keep you entertained!

IMG_0779– four packs of gum (all different flavors, lol)
– bottle of Aleve (that expired in 2008)
– $12.60 (oddly, only quarters and pennies)
– two packs of dried fruit
– container of protein powder (no clue how many years ago this is from)
– three maps (newly acquired from Mom and are NC, VA, and DC)
– four Tide-to-go cleaners (all expired)

IMG_0781– an antennae topper (a smiley face supporting UVA football)
– an ewok character (from who knows where, probably a kids meal)
– 4 flashlights, all with corroded batteries

IMG_0782– 17 napkins, 5 straws, 2 forks (from four different fast food chains)
– nail file
– two bungee cords
– an emergency first aid kit (that has literally NEVER been opened or used)
– jumper cables (which I have actually used, but not for Fnshine)
– gorilla tape (donated by a helpful gentleman  a few years ago, lol)
– 3 pairs of sunglasses, 2 cases, 2 cleaners (at least one pair isn’t mine)

IMG_0783– 7 armbands and 3 hair ties from my around my gear shift
– a shamrock stretchy band (from my little sister on my first day of teaching)
– an accordion book full of coupons (categorized by expiration date… OCD much?)
– 2 keys and a parking pass (I have absolutely no clue what the keys open)
– car charging adaptor for USB ports

IMG_0785– store card keychain and 9 full-size cards (don’t judge me)
– broken Bluetooth earpiece and charger
– calculator (which I used when I had to keep a gas book for Dad)

IMG_0784– a cd case and 10 bonus mix CDs, a tape (all from circa 2005)
– one pen and one sharpie (which I thought was really impressive!)
– a tire pressure gauge
– countless registrations, insurance cards, and smog check paperwork
IMG_0786I should also mention that I left my current iPhone charger, my working Bluetooth earpiece and charger, and my iPhone tap adapter in the car. I figure I will be using those items for the next few weeks… I just hope I remember to grab them before I sell Fnshine! Oh and don’t worry, I left my most current registration and insurance in the car manual in the glove box too.

So there you have it, the contents of Fnshine. Most of these items will be trashed and/or stored elsewhere and will not make it into my new car. But I did make a box of a few things to keep for my future ride. It was kind of fun for me to go through everything and I was surprised how little was really in there! What do you all keep in your cars? Anything really strange that you will admit to?

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