Welcome to 2015!

Well hello, everyone! So much has happened since my last blog post and I’d like to take a minute to catch you up. I last wrote to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina where Jenny and I were finishing up an incredible two weeks. After the post, we had a slight mishap where our day packs were stolen in a super touristy part of town. It happened really quickly and there was nothing we could do about it. Long story short, we spent the next 36 hours changing our flights, canceling our credit cards, getting new passports, and waiting in airports. But we made it home safely exactly 24 hours late, more than ready to relax and enjoy the holidays with our friends and family.

The easiest way for me to describe my holiday season is with a list of days and places. Are you ready?

12/23 – Miami/DC/Maryland/Ashburn

12/24 to 12/26 – Ashburn

12/27 – Ashburn/Richmond

12/28 – Richmond/Williamsburg/Buffalo Junction

12/29 – Raleigh/SF layover/San Diego

12/30 to 1/1 – San Diego

1/2 – Chicago layover/Raleigh/Buffalo Junction

So in eleven days I had six legs of airplane travel, slept in four locations, spent (brief) time in six states, and saw twelve members of my extended family (and my mom). Woof. And that doesn’t include the countless hours spent on hold or in line trying to replace my stolen belongings. No wonder I’m exhausted this week! But I will say that I loved every single minute of the holidays this year and would not change any visit or any time spent with family and friends. Thanks to all of you who made time in your busy schedules to see me as I zipped around the country!

Okay, it’s 2015 now and what does that mean for me? I’m back in Buffalo Junction (aka staying with my friend Paige), so I have shifted focus back to my future! I told y’all a few months ago that I had decided to move back to the East Coast for a variety of reasons. It has been a challenging few weeks (and months) since I first packed my belongings in the storage unit and I am MORE than ready to unpack and settle in here. I spent much of last Friday and Saturday looking for apartments in the Raleigh-Durham area and I think I’ve found my new place! I’ll post more about that once paperwork is signed and I move in. But suffice it to say that I’m really excited just to have a home address again 🙂

While I wait for that paperwork to process, I am launching head-first into the daunting world of job hunting.. and I am already dreading it. Why? Because I am not a sales person. My talent in life is not to sell things, especially not myself. But I am a passionate person, especially when it comes to the right causes and helping others. And I acknowledge that I have a great skill set and background… so I hope that when the right jobs presents itself, I will be able to communicate those strengths and passions to the hiring committee. Once my apartment paperwork is processed, I will also take time to switch my driver’s license, vehicle registration, official address, etc… all things I am looking forward to doing! And I will unpack my belongings. YAY!! I have a list going already of items I already know I’ll need for my new place (shower curtains, microwave, etc) so hopefully this week I can start shopping for a few of those things as well.

Another big task for this week is to start thinking about a new car. Fnshine (my 2003 Volkswagen Golf) has carried me, once again, across the country. But it’s getting older and tired and is starting (continuing?) to show signs of distress. It has just under 150,000 miles and potentially a crack in the timing belt… oops? So I’ve been saying since this past summer that if Fnshine could get me to North Carolina, that’s all I cared about. I’m silently cursing myself for that wish because it appears that Fnshine has taken that literally and is struggling. Since I am not working right now, it just makes sense to start the research process by test driving some of my top choices. My focus is on something a little bit bigger, so I can drive four adults on a weekend camping, skiing, or beach trip, but not too big that it guzzles gas and swamps me. Something in the crossover family such as a Tiguan, Forester, Tucson, or Sportage most likely. But we shall see as the research continues.

Alright, that’s enough procrastination for now. I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying the first few days of 2015. If I get a second to pause and breathe this week, I’ll try to nail down some goals or “resolutions” or philosophical ideas I want to focus on this year… but no promises 😉


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