NC to NC Phase Four – CO Thanksgiving!

Sorry for the delay on posting y’all! Spoiler alert: I made it to Virginia… Woot. But I digress, so let’s go back to where we left off.  Where was that? Oh right, at Denver Airport with Mom. This was just after exploring Utah and long after packing my worldly possessions. Needless to say, I was excited to get to Boulder for Thanksgiving! Tuesday evening we just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. The highlight was when my brother first came in the house and my niece Rachel shouts, “Grandma, your son is home!!” That night, and the next two days, Rachel was extremely happy to see Mom but less than thrilled about Aunt Karen. That was okay by me because it meant I got to snuggle and play with my second niece, Ava, without interruption.


281Wednesday we sent the girls to daycare as usual and Meggan went to work for the day. Mom took the car to stock up on groceries for the week while Brother and I settled into our project for the day. He had asked for help going through his wardrobe and I was more than happy to oblige. Our goals were to weed out items that were past-the-point, identify gaps to fill with new items, and to determine whether other items were work appropriate anymore. After three hours of trying on almost everything in his closet, we had a fairly long list of suggestions to add and a large pile for donation or sell. My biggest thing was to speak less and listen/question more. For example, “You have said that you don’t love the color of that shirt, that it feels big through the stomach and short along the bottom”. In that instance, I would advise that three strikes against that shirt would qualify it for donation and Brother would either agree or make a case to keep it. He did an excellent job at staying focused and taking my criticisms. The biggest gaps we found, which we kind of knew going in, were well-fitting and more traditional pieces of work clothes.

After a quick lunch with Meggan, we went to the mall with Mom and had an extremely successful visit to Banana Republic! Side note: For those of you with slim males on your Christmas lists, BR has tailored, slim fit, no iron button down shirts 🙂 Wednesday evening after work and daycare, we decided to try out a nearby restaurant with the family and I had an amazing salmon filet with really good bread and steamed greens. Yum! That’s where the above pictures were taken (the girls were there too, but were having too much fun watching the cooks in the kitchen to pose for a picture).



Thanksgiving morning we had decided to go into Denver and explore the Nature and Science Museum where their family now has a yearly pass. Mom and I hadn’t been before so we all had fun playing in the Discovery Zone (Ava is shown there above). We saw the visiting whale exhibit, climbed into a huge whale heart, saw dinosaurs, explored the Australian Outback, and saw fossils. After a quick snack, Rachel and I took off for the space exhibit. She was really excited to put on the outfit above and look for moon rocks. She then commanded a shuttle launch to Mars with me as her co-pilot and saw shooting stars. It was actually really fun and she’s the perfect age to play! That afternoon and evening we relaxed at home, set up their Christmas tree, and ate leftovers. With Meggan working two days of break and us wanting to get out and enjoy the nice weather, we concluded that spending hours in the kitchen was not something any of us wanted to do. We were outside that afternoon and Rachel rode Sparkle, her two-wheel bike all by herself for the first time!! Jason was obviously enjoying himself as well 🙂



That being said, on Friday Meggan threw a pork tenderloin in the crock pot and prepped a bunch of veggies before work. I helped monitor the meat throughout the day and had instructions on when to put the veggies and casserole in to cook. That evening we had a cousins party! Our second cousins Kyla (and her daughter Lily) and Keane (with his wife Kelly and daughter Liv) as well as our cousin Kelsey (with her new husband Eli and their dog Bodhi) all live in the Boulder area. Another second cousin, Tim, is working up in Summit County this winter so he came along too! The four girls played and all of the adults shared stories and caught up on extended family. Grandma helped put Rachel and Ava to bed and the other parents took their little ones home. Then Jason, Meggan, Kelsey, Eli, Tim, and I stayed up for several more hours playing games. Below is a picture of the group playing Killer Bunnies, which is a crazy game that is an Oliver family favorite.


Saturday we went to a nearby park for biking, walking, playing, and just having fun as a family. The weather was in the low 60s, which is unheard of in Colorado in November but this California girl was not complaining! It was nice to see my nieces play and watch their growth and development even in the last few months since I saw them last. That afternoon we played games at home, wrapped presents to leave for Christmas, and just relaxed together as a family. After dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (the same as Souplantation for California people), we called it a semi early night. Mom and I were set to leave first thing Sunday morning so I spent a little time packing the car and making sure that there would be room for everything and us. I managed to squeeze in everything and was happy that Meggan had taken Funshine through a car wash on her way back from work one day so that I could actually see out of the windows!



Tuesday afternoon to Sunday morning is a fairly long time to have with family but it never seems long enough! We are already trying to figure out the next time we can get together so I can see my sweet nieces. Hopefully having Mom and I on the same coast again will increase the chances of that happening more! Of course, we’ll have to look into fun adventures in Colorado as well. For now, I’ll look back at the pictures and smile thinking about the fun times we had this week. Not only was it great to have a break from the car, but it was great to be with my family. I hope the rest of you had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family and friends as well!

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