SF to SD: 101 Roadtrip

I spent the greater part of last week driving from San Francisco back down to San Diego with my mother. Why? Because we both love ocean views and seeing California! Mom has been bugging me to do this drive since I moved to Cali, and we finally made time for it. Going into the week, I asked what her priorities were and I listed out mine. Her’s were to see her cousin Kathy in Salinas, explore SF, go to Monterrey Bay Aquarium, and visit her relatives Ted and Charlene in Tustin. I wanted to drive through Half Moon Bay, find the purple sand beach, and visit Hearst Castle. With that backbone, we formed the rest of the details for the trip and off we went! It’s probably easiest if I just post the itinerary I sent to Mom before we left. I’ve included my favorite photos from each day as well!

Sunday, November 2nd

– fly to SF and pick up Firefly  rental car

– stay at Courtyard San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf using points

– Mom’s flight gets in at 5:45 pm

– My flight gets in at 5:00 pm

CA Roadtrip 020


Monday, November 3rd

– Spend the morning in SF (pier 39, drive the bridge, ride a cable car, Ghirardelli)

– Drive through Half Moon Bay

– Drive through Santa Cruz

– Dinner in Salinas with Kathy (and Tricia/Julie)

– stay with Kathy overnight

– Drive 108 miles total

CA Roadtrip 011

CA Roadtrip 040

CA Roadtrip 057

CA Roadtrip 064

Tuesday, November 4th 

– explore Monterrey Wharf

– visit Monterrey Aquarium

– wander to and through Big Sur

– Purple Sand Beach near Pfeiffer State Park

– Stay somewhere at Lucia Lodge in southern section of Big Sur

– Drive 73 miles total

CA Roadtrip 070

CA Roadtrip 107

CA Roadtrip 127

CA Roadtrip 156

CA Roadtrip 196

CA Roadtrip 240

Wednesday, November 5th

– Morning tour at Hearst Castle

– continue south along the coast

– stay in Santa Barbara at Holiday Inn Express using points

– Drive 174 miles total

CA Roadtrip 318

CA Roadtrip 345

CA Roadtrip 382

CA Roadtrip 394

CA Roadtrip 457

CA Roadtrip 469

Thursday, November 6th

– explore Santa Barbara

– get through LA chaos either along the coast or through town

– dinner in Tustin, CA with Ted/Charlene

– get back to Cardiff, stay with Xavier

– Drive 191 miles total

CA Roadtrip 476

CA Roadtrip 490

Friday, November 7th

– enjoy the morning in Cardiff, take Mom to airport and drop rental car

– Mom’s flight leaves at 11:55am


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