The Price is Right Taping

This past Wednesday morning I fulfilled a life-long goal, crossed an item off of my bucket list, and checked the box by another 30 before 30 activity. How did I do all that? By attending a taping of The Price is Right in Hollywood, CA!! I will never know what first caught my eye about this daytime game show, but i do remember watching it at 11am on most sick days from school. My experience was a little bittersweet because of the absence of tPiR legend, Bob Barker. But it was an incredible day nonetheless.

After sending out a feeler on Facebook, my kickball friend Gary agreed to join me on my quest. I’d been warned by friends that it would be a long day of waiting, but I was ready for it! Our date was postponed, we later found out due to Drew Carey having neck surgery, but at last the morning came. My alarm went off at 4:44am and I was in the car by 5:15am after a quick shower. I picked up Gary in Carlsbad and we began the 2+ hour trek in morning traffic to LA. I hate traffic. But I did okay on the morning and we got there on time! Our tickets said to report by 8:30am for processing. We didn’t know what time taping would actually start.

Step one was signing in and getting a participant number (mine was 128). Then we signed release forms to be on TV and in case we won. Then we got our yellow name tags (written out for us!) and had our photos taken. The most traumatic part of this for Gary was that he had to use his legal first name, Shi, instead of Gary. It took about an hour for all of that.


Phase two was sitting on different benches and waiting to be called by group for the interview process. We knew this was when the show directors would choose the contestants for the day so everyone was trying their best to be charismatic. Our entire group of 22 people failed. How did we know? While walking away, we heard the interviewer ask the stage manager who in that group she’d thought was interesting. She said no one 😦 Oh well, at least we wouldn’t have to worry about it and could just enjoy the show!


It was now about 11am and we were entering phase three. This is the stage where everyone sits around and eats and drinks for the last time until after taping. It’s also when we got to watch tPiR blooper reels and scope out the other participants. It was interesting to see the big groups in matching shirts from across the country and the single, elderly people who live in the neighborhood. There was certainly a cross-section of America on those benches and while it was approaching noon, I was keeping myself busy watching others. Oh, and they had taken our phones before this phase so everyone was forced to interact and get in the mindset for taping.


Finally, it was time to go in! We were seated towards the back of the middle section next to an older woman, Donna, who was there alone. I don’t want to spoil the whole episode, especially since you can watch it yourselves this Wednesday, November 5th. But suffice it to say that we were not on-stage contestants, but we did have a blast cheering on our fellow participants.

It was around 2:45pm by the time taping wrapped, we got our phones back, and were heading for the car. Then we battled the long, long, long way home to San Diego in traffic (again). I was less than thrilled but it was worth it for the experience. All said and done, it was a twelve-hour commitment to see an hour-long show taping. I can’t wait to watch it air! Oh, and one last tip on how to see Gary and I on TV: Donna gets selected to “Come on down”!


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