30 Before 30 – Two Months to Go!

A month ago I revised my list of things to do before turning 30 this December. Two weeks in, I had completed three items off my list and had made some plans. Now, it’s been a month and I’ve completed another five items!

#19 – Peterson’s Donuts

One day two weeks ago, I texted X and said, “donuts, nuts, and a movie?”. Ten minutes later he was in my car and we were cruising toward Escondido and Peterson’s Donuts. This is an order-at-the-window donut shoppe on a non-assuming corner in the inland town of Escondido. I’d heard rumor about gigantic donuts and I wanted in! I must have stared at the trays on the other side of the window for ten minutes. Maybe more. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, it all looked so good. Luckily, X agreed to split a few with me so I could sample multiple flavors.



He monopolized the cruller (obviously) and we both sampled the sugar-raised and cinnamon twist. The cinnamon twist was as big as my head and yummy yummy. Then we had a last-minute audible of ordering a “Peterson’s Pillow”. It’s the square-shaped pastry below. Oh. My. Goodness. I let X have a bite and then crushed the rest of it. So good! It wasn’t super, super sweet but was a more understated deliciously. It was flaky and layered and yum! Note: it is only made Thursday-Sunday. And there are several different flavors, we tried cinnamon sugar and I HIGHLY recommend it!




#13 – Bates Nut Farm

From Peterson’s in Escondido, we cruised out to Valley Center and Bates Nut Farm. I honestly don’t know why this place caught my attention when I was searching for fun stuff to do in SD County, but it did! I heard they had animals, pumpkins, tons of fresh and locally grown nuts, and an adorable country store. All of these things were true. We first wandering through the animals, watching the goats, llamas, chickens, peacocks, sheep, and a variety of other birds do their thing. I even fed some of the animals… which was terrifying. We also checked out the pumpkin patches, where there were enormous pumpkins getting ready for harvest.


Then we headed inside to check out the goods. I was immediately hit with waves of familiar feelings from home. Salt water taffy, buckets of nuts, fresh fudge, and a good assortment of odd-and-ends. I forced myself to show some restraint and only bought one of each flavor of taffy I had never seen before and one small sliver of pumpkin fudge. I saved both for later since let’s be honest, I didn’t need more sugar after the donuts. We didn’t pick the most exciting time to head out to Bates, but I still enjoyed just being outside and seeing a new place!




#5 – Topiary Garden

This was something I saw on Hidden San Diego, a blog and Facebook group that posts about amazing and not-so-well-known places in the county. This was someone’s front yard and they had decided to cut the hedges into shapes, characters, and scenes. How random is that?! I had a few minutes in between appointments one day last week, so I cruised by. I wasn’t there longer than ten minutes, but I loved the intricate work of the landscape! Pictures will speak louder than words for this item, so enjoy!





#8 – Go to a Drag Show at Lips

This restaurant/entertainment spot in the North Park community of SD is listed as one of the most unique dining experiences in the world. I don’t know about that… Anyway, one of my friends wanted to go for her birthday so a group of six of us headed down. There was a cover and a food minimum purchase so we all ordered dinner and settled in for the show. I had an enormous, delicious spinach salad and a bunch of us split appetizers. When the show started, it was fun for sure. There were dancers and singers and comedians and an MC (shown below) who kept the crowd involved. We all had a great time, but to be honest I’m not sure that I’d go again. It felt a little flat for me. Like they girls knew they were an attraction and so they didn’t work that hard. It was the early show, so perhaps they step it up as the night goes on. I enjoyed going, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite new thing. Now I know!



#25 – TBD Restaurant Week

I’ll be quick about this one since I have to jet in a minute. X and I went to an Argentinian restaurant last week in Little Italy for lunch called Puerto la Boca. It was alright. The ambiance wasn’t anything special, but the appetizer pita dip was good! We split a salad and empenadas for our first courses, which were both good. Nothing too amazing. Then I had a chorizo sausage sandwich and X got flank steak. Again, we both liked our meals and they were really good. I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to go again, but it was nice to try a new place and get excited for my trip later this year!

Then this week, Sean and Katie joined X and I in Escondido for another restaurant week lunch. This time we were at Intertwined and it was SO good. We each ordered different items for both courses, which allowed us to see and try a ton of good stuff. I had the goat cheese dates for my first course, which were DELICIOUS. Rich but my goodness were they good. I’d go back just for those. Sean had chicken lollipops, Katie had a seafood dish, and X got… oh, a caprese. Everything looked really good, but I was pleased with my choice. For our second courses, I got a BBQ chicken flatbread which had onion and chives. It was also really good and was huge, so I had leftovers for later. Xavier got a chicken pesto pasta dish that was super cheesy, but also really good. Sean had a chuck burger that was like a foot tall and he liked, it also came with really good sweet potato fries. Katie got a chicken Parmesan sandwich that had Parmesan crusted bread… jealous! Overall, we were quite happy with our choices and all agreed that Intertwined has it figured out!


FullSizeRender (2)


So there you have it, 8 down and 22 to go before I turn 30! I better get cranking 🙂 Talk to y’all soon!


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