Dr. Oz Three-Day Detox (the Sequel)

In May 2013, I tried Dr. Oz’s Detox  and blogged about it. Since then 8,985 people (and counting!) have read that post, due in most part to Pinterest. This past week, I decided to try the cleanse again and compare my thoughts/results. My eating habits have changed considerably since last May, so I was curious what I would think! I should admit that I’ve also been slacking off a bit since my marathon in August and it felt time for a reset!
IMG_4167Proof of my altered eating habits was evident as I went down the shopping list and crossed off almond milk, flax-seed, cayenne pepper, mango (we use frozen), coconut oil, Epsom salt, almond butter, green tea, Stevia, omega-3 (I used chia seeds), multivitamins, spinach, and cucumber. Why did I cross all of these items off? We already had them at our house because they are frequently used items! Granted, we eat tons of berries and bananas too but those have to be bought fresh. Last time this cleanse cost me $63, this time I only needed $37 worth of ingredients. Again, because I already had the rest in my house.

Last time, the breakfast smoothie was my favorite and that still ran true. I did limit the lemon the second two days because I’m not a citrus person and it seemed to overtake the smoothie. The rest of the smoothie is something I’ve had consistently for the last 15 months so the morning didn’t feel too different. I will mention that instead of taking an omega-3 supplement, I take fish oil already so I just added chia seeds to the morning smoothie. According to MyFitnessPal, my favorite calorie tracking app, this smoothie was 361 calories WITH the chia seeds, so 291 as prescribed by Dr. Oz. I usually eat about 400 calories for breakfast so this seemed right on.

Before I knew it, it was lunch time. Ugh. Those of you who read my May 2013 post know that this was my least favorite by far. This time around I was ready. I got a ripe apple so it was softer. I peeled the cucumber and the apple. I diced both of them and the celery. I plucked the stems off of the kale. I even added a bit extra almond milk… It didn’t help. I just don’t like celery. I do have enough experience with kale now to know that it’s a little bitter but that wasn’t the unpleasant part of the drink for me, the celery was. By day three I had cut the celery back to one stalk. Sorry, Dr. Oz but it’s still not happening. After those adjustments it was completely drinkable but still never my favorite. I clocked it right at 300 calories, perfect. I also drank a 32 oz. Nalgene of water both before and after lunch to hit my hydration goals for the day.

Dinner time was exciting for me the first day because I didn’t have much memory of what even went into the dinner smoothie. I knew from my shopping that blueberries, coconut water and avocado must. I’m a huge fan of blueberries and avocado and a hater of coconut water. I’m happy to report that I couldn’t even taste the water over the other flavors! And the cayenne pepper was a surprising twist too. It made the smoothie seem less sweet and more savory, something I’ll remember for future smoothies. I didn’t end up altering this smoothie at all either, which proves that I’ve accepted kale into onto my palate. By the numbers, this smoothie was 351 calories.


Hunger wasn’t an issue for me throughout the days, so I never had the fourth smoothie. I had the tea in the mornings and still thought it was fine, nothing special. I even tried the Epsom salt and lavender bath two nights! I can’t say I was that successful as I reported in a text to a friend, “I made it 13 minutes and through one chapter of my book. Not bad!”. I did feel relaxed and liked the smell of lavender… I just can’t sit in warm/cooling water for that long, lol. Oh, and because I’ve been drinking 132 ounces of water daily for training, I was more adjusted to drinking this much in a day. This meant less trips to the bathroom and less feeling stuffed.

After the first day, I looked at the caloric total for the day and saw 932.  That is too low for me to maintain with my workouts. Then I did the breakdown of the macro and micro nutrients. I was concerned about the extremely low level of protein in this menu (23 grams). I usually aim for 100 grams each day, so on the second and third days I added a scoop of protein powder to the lunch smoothies. It added a vanilla flavor and some smoother texture, as well as 100 calories. Cholesterol and sodium were at all-time lows (no processed foods!) and fiber was just above were I want it (30g a day, this was 44g). After adding in 70 calories of chia seeds and 100 calories of protein powder, the last two days were 1,112 calories. This is within my reasonable range, so I was happy.

All said and done, I’m glad I did this three-day cleanse again. If anything, it reminded me how much I snack during the day and how I can sustain myself with junk food. I reminded myself of some great smoothie techniques and I had the chance to reflect on how far I’ve come nutritionally in 15 months!  As far as weight goes, I did lose 2.4 pounds in three days. But like I said before, I had been slacking in the previous weeks so it really just got me back to where I should’ve been all along. I hope y’all enjoyed this second edition of Dr. Oz’s Three-Day Detox and I’d love to hear from any of you that have tried it or something like it recently!

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  2. Danielle
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 15:57:38

    Hi. I’m looking to do this weekend but I am allergic to coconut. Any thoughts on what I could substitute? Thanks!



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