30B430 – Two Weeks in…

My 30th birthday is quickly approaching and I’m getting excited! But I’m also loving exploring San Diego County as part of this process of getting older and living my life to the fullest. As y’all remember, I wrote a list of 30 things I wanted to do before turning 30. So far I have completed three of them… that’s not too bad!

#4 – Visit the Mitsuwa Marketplace

On September 4th, my friend Erica and I jumped in the car and headed south to Kearney Mesa with the plan to see what this place is and hopefully have lunch. I had heard about this “Asian market” from my Japanese cooking class way back when, but had never checked it out. We didn’t really know what to expect, but were greeted by the gigantic box of Curry (shown below) at the entrance, which was exciting enough in and of itself. We then spent a half hour or so wandering through the grocery section of the store. We stocked up on shrimp chips, mochi ice cream, and other Asian wonders. Then it was time eat, so we did our best to guess what everything on display was, and ordered. Erica got udon noodles in a soup-like dish and I had soma noodles with tempura shrimp. Both were really delicious and worth the trek! Here are some photos of our adventure:





 #6 Explore the Hosp Grove

All I knew about this area going into it was that it’s behind the mall in Carlsbad and it has three miles of dirt trails. And I didn’t believe it. Upon further exploration, I learned that the park is split into two sections, east and west, that straddle Monroe Avenue behind the Westfield Mall. Each side has picnic tables and roughly 1.5 miles of trails. The west side also has a sizable playground, a view of the lagoon, and toilets. I went to both halves and was pleasantly surprised that if you walk far enough in (and up) you really do get away from the sound of cars on the highway! These would both be great parks to bring a lunch and relax or read, like I did. Another benefit is that this park is so close to everything, unlike a lot of the trails in SD County. I would rate the “hike” as easy and the dirt trail as well marked and easy to navigate. Off-road strollers could absolutely handle it.





#18 Slater’s 50/50

Once I discovered that there is a branch in San Marcos as well, it was easier to cross off the list. I went one night with X and we had a decent meal. They are known for their 50/50 burger, whose patty is composed of half beef and half bacon. Woof. I’m not a beef burger person, but X ordered one and I tried a bite. We both agreed that cooking the burger longer is better because the bacon gets crisper. I had a turkey burger with cucumber, sprouts, pesto sauce, and onions. Both of our were on honey wheat buns, which were good but WAY too much bread. I ended up taking the top off mine and just eating the bottom portion of bread. I would probably get a different type if I went again. But the turkey patty was actually fairly moist, which is hard to do with turkey. I enjoyed it! It was also nice that you ordered deli-style by filing out and naming your burger, so everything was made exactly to your specifications. The highlight of the meal was probably the sweet potato fries, which y’all know that I love. But they were served with a pumpkin spice dip that was delicious and different. The restaurant itself was super busy and there was too much stimulation for me between families with children, sports on televisions, bright decorations, and interrogation-style lighting. So while I would recommend the restaurant if you’re in the area, I wouldn’t go out of your way for it.



IMG_4058So three down, 27 to go! However, #24 requires me to hit ten taco shops. I had already been to four before this 30B430 project, but I have added two of the remaining six in the last two weeks. I’ll save the reviews of them for one post ranking the ten shops. Additionally, I have concrete plans to complete six more of the tasks… which leaves me with 20 more to plan and execute. But I’ve still got 76 days, give or take depending on when you are reading this. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more 30 before 30 updates soon!


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