100 Happy Days

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, or who follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve spent the last 100 days posting a picture a day of myself doing something that makes me happy. The idea for this came from this website, which focuses on the idea that it’s a personal reflection on what makes each of us happy. I didn’t do this to make people jealous or brag about cool stuff I do, in fact in several of my one hundred pictures I’m on my bed, in the dark, reading a book… in my glasses, lol. Overall, my goal for this project was to post a pictures every day of something I was enjoying. Then in true KO fashion, I planned to go back through the pictures at the end of the project and look for trends, patterns, outliers, etc. to figure out what things do and don’t make me happy. Obviously, 100 days of one summer is an extremely small sample of my entire life. But it’s fun to start somewhere, right?!

Before I launch into my findings, I should include a link to the Facebook album where all 100 of these photos are posted. I hope it works for those of you without Facebook and I encourage you to spend a few minutes flipping through the photos before you keep reading. Don’t worry… I’ll wait! Oh, and at the end of this post I’ll include the top five most “liked” pictures for you to view again.

Okay, here we go. First, remember that I posted 100 pictures. I’m going to talk about trends in the either/or categories first. I was alone in 53 of the posted photos and I was with other people in 47 photos. That’s actually more even than I expected, but I guess it goes to show that I like being around people 🙂 It also shows how awesome they are to deal with being in pictures with me! Next, I had my hair up in 56 of the photos and down in 44. Again, this was surprising to me since I have my hair up whenever I’m working out, didn’t shower, at the beach, late at night… really a lot. It did help that a number of the photos my hair was down, but I could tell that I hadn’t actually dried it. If I went back and counted that, it would probably be less than 10. Because I’ve been super lazy this summer. And I work independently so I don’t have to “look presentable” at work. Don’t judge me. Finally, I was outside in 54 of the pictures and inside in 46. Again, WAY more even than I thought, but I should note that I counted car pictures (4 of them) as inside. I think it’s safe to say that I was probably outside a lot more than most people who do this challenge. Just saying…

To recap, so far things that make me happy are: doing things alone, with my hair up, and outside… hmmm. Let’s break down some more things about these snapshots of my summer. Of the 53 pictures I was in alone, “only” 39 of them were selfies! Meaning I got someone else to take the photo for the other 14. But that means of my 100 photos, just over one-third were selfies, for the haters out there, that’s not too bad! However, of the 47 photos I was with other people… 21 of them were “grelfies” aka I took the photo of all of us. Those are just fun to try and get the most people into the shot. Sidenote: The largest “grelfie” of this series had seven people in it! Finally, for the visual categories I looked at my sunglasses. In 30 of the photos I had my sunglasses on my head and in 14 I left my sunglasses on my face.  Which means that 44 of the 54 times I was outside this summer, I needed sunglasses. Sounds about right, especially factoring out the evening shots. I also had my real glasses on in only 2 photos.

I just realized how freakin’ nerdy this post is. I am literally posting statistics about photos of myself from this summer. Broken down into subcategories. I’m special… and I need a full-time job, lol. But I digress. Let’s get into a few lists! Because stats aren’t enough, this post needs some good lists. The first list will be about what activities/contexts the photos were taken in. Now, I did not think all 100 photos had a category so these numbers won’t add up to 100. But they are interesting none-the-less.

Participating in an Athletic Event – 19

At our House in Encinitas – 11

Eating/With Food – 9

At the Beach – 6

At a Concert – 6

With Family – 5

In Funshine (my car) – 4

Watching a Sporting Event – 4

Working – 1

This list doesn’t surprise me AT ALL. I LOVE being active! I have pictures of myself playing kickball, riding a bicycle, running, paddle boarding, and hiking. Everyone who knows me know that I also love food (#getinmybelly) and the beach and music! My favorite outlier is working. Only one. And to be honest, I was on my laptop but I might’ve been blogging and not working. But we’ll believe the caption for research purposes. Family only being in 5 is actually pretty good since none of my immediate family lives in this time zone. Except one cousin up at Berkeley… who I actually saw in Virginia, lol. Speaking of VA, WHERE were all of these photos taken? Funny I should ask.

San Diego County – 79

Virginia – 8

Other California locations – 7

New Hampshire – 6

This is a little misleading because San Diego County is HUGE. Like 4,526 square miles huge. That’s bigger than Delaware and Rhode Island put together. Seriously. So several times I camped and traveled and explored in the far corners of the county, but I didn’t want to get too specific with location. It’s safe to say that I spent a good deal of time here this summer, in spite of all the haters that say I “always” travel. Only 21% of the time… so relax! Now, time for the final list of the blog (before I post the top five photos, which is kind of a visual list). Here are the top five more frequent guests in my photos!

Erica – 14

Sean – 11

Xavier – 10

Michael – 7

Katie – 6

I should comment that there was a whole mess of people with four or five appearances. And Erica plays kickball with me, is in my book club, goes to my church, and is just an all-around cool person. So she wins! The outliers for this category were those people (or beings?) that only made one appearance, but it was a special one. I have a picture each with two adorable little ones, Taylor and Macie, whose moms I walk with on a regular basis. I’m in one shot with Lua, who is Xavier’s child/roommate/boss… she’s a cat, but she thinks she’s a bear. A circus performer, a storm trooper, and a mosaic person all had cameos as well (and they sound like the beginning of a terrible joke).Finally, there is only one picture that does not show my face… which is the perfect segway into the top five photos of this project!

Here are the most “liked” photos by those of you on Facebook (at the time of posting). I did not take into account Instagram “likes” because I didn’t post every single photo on Instagram. You’ll see that these almost all have other people in them, which helps get “likes”, and I like them all. But they aren’t necessarily my FAVORITE photos. I’ve been asked which ones are, and I plan to figure that out soon. I just bought a frame to display my personal top five and I’ll get back to you on which ones I pick. But for now, here’s what you liked the most.

August 10th - 24 "likes"

August 10th – 24 “likes”

June 5th - 28 "likes"

June 5th – 28 “likes”

July 27th - 32 "likes"

July 27th – 32 “likes”

August 22nd - 34 "likes"

August 22nd – 34 “likes”

June 4th - 51 "likes"

June 4th – 51 “likes”

So if we summarize all of the data, it appears that I am happiest outside, with sunglasses on my head and my hair up, doing an athletic event in San Diego County with Erica… while taking a selfie. But I will say, that I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope that some of you embark on your own happiness quest because of this. As always, thanks for reading and have a HAPPY DAY 🙂

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  1. Claire O.
    Sep 09, 2014 @ 15:27:00

    I think you should do a blog post on selfie tips because you are clearly THE MASTER



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