Revised 30 Before 30 Project

Last year on my 29th birthday, I posted about wanting to focus on the little things and on relaxing and enjoying where I live. I did a great job keeping up through the first month, and the second month, and even the third month… and then I got distracted living life and forgot to update. Now I find myself a mere three months (or 90 short days) away from turning 30 and I haven’t looked at my chart in months. I’ve done an incredible number of fun, relaxing, enjoyable and slow-paced things in that time. And I’ve let go of checking them off a list. For those of you that are curious, I’ll summarize how I’ve been doing on these 30 things briefly before I launch into my new plan 🙂

I haven’t cooked all that much, but I’ve incorporated tons of new foods into my diet! I’ve been awesome at watching sunsets, going to yoga, and walking with friends. I’ve watched most of my church services online but it’s better than nothing, right? Acting like a kid, performing RAK, and sending snail mail are no brainers. Spending the night at home, I’d already done and haven’t repeated. I haven’t run on the beach as much as I’ve wanted because of marathon training, but this reminds me to get on that! I’ve explored tons of new places and called my family more! But I trashed my papasan chair after it got moldy and cracked 😦 Napping… I’m still not good at, but I’ve been amazing at not using my car and playing games. I need to read more in the Bible but I just got a new chronological version I’m excited to dive into! I’m awful at talking to strangers but I’m getting better about turning my phone off or ignoring it. I need more farmers market friends! I’ve been ignoring my to do lists and finished a scrapbook this summer. I really, really, really want to get better at Duolingo and make that a priority. Scenic spots, no pictures, stars, and no alarm have all been going great! Whew, that was quite the recap… sorry!

So now, since I’m not tracking all of that stuff… what am I going track? Well I’ve decided to create a list of 30 things I want to do in and around where I currently live before I turn 30. There are 90 days left in my 20s and I like having a goal of things to achieve before my next decade! So read through the list below and LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH ME!! If you don’t live here… you have until December 2nd to visit and do this stuff with me 😉 Having 30 things to do in the next 90 days means I’ll be trying to knock out one thing every three days. No pressure, lol. Several can be grouped together and I tried to note towns/neighborhoods to help collect ideas. As I do research and start planning, I’ll update this post with dates and times and such. And of course, I’ll post throughout the next 90 days to tell you how these are and if I recommend them.  But if you want to do one (or more) of these activities with me… call dibs now!

Activities in SD County

1. Go to a Chargers football game

2. Hike Cowles Mountain (Mission Trails)

3. Hike Cedar Creek Falls (Ramona)

4. Visit the Mitsuwa Marketplace (Kearney Mesa)

5. Explore the Topiary Gardens (Mission Hills)

6. Explore the Hosp Grove (Carlsbad)

7. Visit Mt. Woodson Castle (Ramona)

8. Go to a Drag Show at Lips (North Park)

9. Bike Camp Pendleton to San Clemente

10. See a performance of Bright Star at the Old Globe Theatre (Balboa Park)

11. Race the San Diego Duathlon (Mission Bay)

12. Night Paddle Board (Mission Bay)

13. Visit Bates Nut Farm (Valley Center)

14. Visit Palomar Mountain Observatory

15. Discover Galleta Meadows (Borrego Springs)

16. Wander through the Model Railroad Museum (Balboa Park)

17. Visit the Reuben H. Fleet Science Museum (Balboa Park)


Restaurants in SD County

18. Slater’s 50/50 (Point Loma)

19. Peterson’s Donuts (Escondido)

20. Casa de Bandini (Carlsbad)

21. Danny’s Donuts (Vista)

22. Turf Supper Club (Golden Hill)

23. Alpine Brewing Company (Alpine)

24. Ten Best SD Fish Taco Places (Various locations)

25. TBD Restaurant Week Location (Suggestions welcome!)


Field Trips outside of SD County

26. Hollywood Taping of The Voice, The Price is Right, or Ellen

27. Tijuana Day Trip

28. Joshua Tree National Park

29. Catalina Island

30. Baja California/Ensenada Overnight Trip


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