Time to Travel – Suggestions Welcome!

Hey everyone! It’s been a crazy summer and August (surprise, surprise) and I apologize for not posting more. I’ll try to step it up in the second half of the month. What have I been doing? Check out my Facebook album where I’m posting one picture a day for 100 days that shows something or someone or somewhere that makes me happy 🙂

But what is this post really about? I’M LEAVING THE COUNTRY AGAIN!! In the 2014 calendar year I have left the country only once. We went skiing at Whistler Resort outside of Vancouver, Canada and it was awesome. But that was back in February and I’ve been itching to go again. So when my friend Jenny asked if I was interested in going to South America with her in December, how could I resist?!

Here’s what we know:

1. We are going December 9th through… December 22nd? Ish?

2. We are meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina and plan to book an airbnb.com place to stay in the city because Jenny has a $100 coupon (Yay!!).

3. We want to take the ferry over to Montevideo, Uruguay for at least one day, maybe two.

4. We want to go south into Patagonia.

What we need help with:

1. What should we do in Buenos Aires? Any major sites to see, funky places to explore, or restaurants/foods to try?

2. What part of town should we book a place in? Does anyone know anything about the neighborhoods?

3. What should we do in Montevideo? If we’re there for just a few hours or days, what highlights can we not afford to miss?

4. This one is the biggest question: What the heck should we do in Patagonia? Do we go all the way south to Ushuaia? Or “just” go to Torres del Paine or Glacier National Park? What about penguins in Punta Tombo? Has anyone done a short tour of these regions they would recommend? OR should we just book flights and attractions separately?

5. Finally, if we are in Argentina for two weeks, how should we break it up? One week in Buenos Aires and one week south? Or ten days in BA with Uruguay and only 4-5 days south? Should we go south first or save it for last? Or do a few days in BA, then south, then a few more days in BA?

We are trying to find balance in this trip. We want to see and do a lot because it’s the trip of a lifetime. We don’t want to try to do too much and rush things. We also don’t want to break our banks, but again… if it’s special enough to do once in our lives, it’s worth the cost.We don’t want to over plan or over think, but logistically we do need to map out our major flights and accommodations.

I realize that some of these questions and thoughts are going to have to be answered and figured out by Jenny and myself, but the bottom line is, if you know anything about Argentina (and Uruguay)… HELP!!


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  1. Marina Panesis
    Aug 14, 2014 @ 12:44:02

    Hi!! I’m friends with Heather Sparrow Higgins, she reached out & I read this, and have TONS of info for you!! I have been living in Buenos Aires for 6 months and of those, I spend 3 weeks traveling around Patagonia. And did a ferry ride to Uruguay, so please feel free to contact me!!! :)) I would love to help and recommend things, and feel free to ask questions and pick my brain. I’m flying back next week, and will be there in December- hope we can meet up! Email me and I’ll give you my FL number (and Argentine number)



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