“Fun”employment? I’m over it.

I’ve written before about funemployment, both the beginning and the end. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the middle of it right now. And it sucks. The odd part is that almost exactly one year ago, I wrote about this same thing… makes me wonder what I’ve been doing this year? I can’t remember what of this I have or haven’t told y’all. So I apologize in advance if some of this is a repeat.

As most of you know, I was teaching at a private school in Carlsbad until I quit in January. Then I started working at a scrapbook store and babysitting for a friend a few days a week to make money and keep busy. In April, I became an independent contractor for the same private school I had been teaching for. My responsibilities have been to write curriculum, design syllabi, and edit course descriptions. Since then I’ve also organized our online resources and edited numerous other documents and teaching materials.

The plus side of this position? I agree to the projects I’m interested in, I work on my own schedule, I don’t have to deal with spoiled kids or parents, and I work from wherever I want. The downside? It’s not full-time, I miss having co-workers, I miss having people I can talk professionally with, and it’s not the most stimulating work. Right now I’m wrapping up the last of my current projects with the school. And I’m not planning to take on more right now. Why? Because I need to focus on getting a full-time position, one that I love, and one that I believe in. What exactly is that job? Well… that’s a great question.

So far, I don’t have a lot of qualifications. I’d prefer something in the non-profit or education realms. I love working with young adults, especially those that really want or need it. I have tossed around higher education positions, such as admissions adviser, career counselor, or student-athlete academic coordinator. I have also considered managing non-profits or organizing events for charities. If they serve young adults or involve athletics, that would just be a bonus. I have determined that I want to try to stay in San Diego, but if the perfect job comes up elsewhere, I owe it to myself to apply.

I’ve been applying to jobs for weeks. but I don’t hear anything from most. If I do hear something it’s either to tell me that they received my application or that they have already filled the position. They all ask applicants not to email or call or contact, which just makes it harder. I am happy to continue applying through the summer, but what happens come September? Do I take another insufficient job? Do I hit the open road and travel? Do I volunteer more and do what I really love? Ugh. And I can’t help but feel frustrated at wasting perfectly good travel time applying for endless jobs.

So if any of you out there, especially those of you in SoCal, have any solid leads for me… let me know!

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