Goal-oriented Agenda

After my motivational pep-talk last post, I figure you all are ready to help me with some long(ish)-term goals… Am I right? Last year I took on the 300 Abs for 30 Days challenge and was successful, whether anyone else could tell or not. I had fun and enjoyed working on my abs during the summer months when bathing suits are a staple of my wardrobe. So this year, I’ve decided to join the current craze, which is the June 30 Ab Challenge. If you haven’t seen it on Facebook, I’ve posted the schedule below:


I feel fairly confident that I can do week one and maybe week two… after that it just seems like bananas. But I’m willing to try and I think you should too 😉 I’d also love it if I could find an arm challenge for July, so if you have any suggestions left me know!

In addition to this Ab Challenge, I have decided to sign up for another internet project. This time, it’s one that only has a 29% success rate… YIKES! I’m talking about the 100 Happy Days project, where I will be posting a picture a day for 100 days to Facebook. Each picture will represent “happiness” to me, whether it’s a friend, a cookie, a completed workout, etc. This project isn’t meant to be a competition, but it will hopefully challenge myself to focus on at least one positively amazing thing that happens to me each day for 100 days. I have decided to start this journey on June 1st as well, which takes me to September 9th… on which I will be quite happy to celebrate my little sister’s birthday!! But I digress. If any of you want to attempt 100 days of happiness with me, that would be amazing! If not, I’ll be sure to share my album of happiness once it starts collecting.

The final goal on my upcoming agenda is not new, but I want to take a minute to remind you all about this special project. I’m (still) training for the SF Marathon in late July and I would love, love, love it if you would consider donating to my worthy cause. I’m raising awareness and funds to help support young adults with cancer across the country. My goal is $621 and I’m currently at $408, which means that I’ve got some work to do. This incredible organization provides medical, financial, and social benefits for those ages 18-40 who are under-going cancer treatments. You can read much more about this group of people at my donation website:


I know life is busy and money is tight for everyone right now, but imagine for just one second that you were trying to live the life you have while undergoing cancer treatments. I appreciate any and all donations you can give, from $.26 to $26 and more. This goal is helping me stayed motivated during my (long…) training runs and cross-training workouts. It keeps me grounded when I PR in races and encouraged as I struggle to finish workouts. Seriously, thank you to any of you who choose to donate today and thanks again to those of you who already have! Oh, and I look forward to rocking some of my new swag during training this week and a special thanks to Billy and Cara for my gear!!

photo (2)

These goals are helping to focus my scattered brain and give my body a purpose for the summer. I’m excited to track my ab workouts, log my happy moments, and continue to raise funds for a wonderful organization. I hope you’ll join me on these goal-oriented journeys and I’d love to hear what you all want to accomplish this summer as well!

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