Motivational Speeches from Pinterest

This post is inspired by Pinterest and the countless images I spend numerous late night hours scrolling through. I’m obsessed with positive sayings and inspirational quotes. I love the graphics and the fonts and the formats of them all. Some make me laugh, others make me think, and still others encourage me to be a better person. When I first moved to California in 2012 and I was virtually alone, I printed a number of these sayings and hung them on my wall as constant reminders of what I wanted to work on and how to stay positive. Early in 2013, I was in a tough spot so I turned to these quotes once again. Now, here I am in 2014 facing change and uncertainty on many fronts. So back I go for more inspiration and encouragement.

The following ten quotes or sayings jumped out at me in my recent searches. I won’t explain each one, but you can see that common themes are progress and change and improving myself. I’ve always heard that your twenties are when you really figure out who you are and who you want to be. For me, that’s really been true. The bottom line there is that I can’t always explain why things have happened in my life or why I’ve made certain decisions… but I can explain what I’ve learned from it all and I can try to apply it to the present. I’m not going to be perfect and I’m not always going to know what’s next, but I’m going to keep trying and I’m going to keep fighting. Because I believe I’m here for a reason, no matter how big or small that might be.

Several sayings also tap into the idea that the people in your life are priceless and should not be taken for granted. At the same time, it’s important to accept that not everyone is the same as you; not only is that okay, but it’s important. I really take these few sayings to heart because I believe that we can learn a lot from each other if we are willing to work at it. I have never experienced some things my friends and family have, so I can learn from them. On the flip side of that, I’d love to share my experiences with those willing to ask and learn because it might help them through a similar situation. My relationships haven’t always made sense to outsiders looking in on my life, but what’s important is that they make sense to me and the other party.

Some of these sayings highlight areas of my life I struggle with or actively want to work on now. Like expressing emotion or opening up or being vulnerable. I’m the kind of person who isn’t going to share personal, deep stories in a group because I’d rather listen and observe others. Or, I don’t think my opinion or story is worth sharing. If someone takes the time to approach me one-on-one and ask direct questions while showing interest and engagement, then I’m happy to open up and share. But my default defense mechanism is to turn it around on them and deflect their questions with questions of my own. I also tend to be abrasive to those closest to me when my mile-high walls feel threatened. I hate that about myself and it probably the hardest thing I’ll have to overcome, I just hope I can with the support of those friends. I thank God that I have a handful of friends stubborn enough to force me to talk and patient enough to listen to my babbling and outbursts.

The last saying is one of my favorites of all time and I’d love to have that exact image blown up on my wall. It combines people, places, and experiences. Those are the things I truly value most in life and it’s important for me to remember that. I’d be lost without my support network, I’d be bored without places to explore, and I’d be a shell of person without the experiences of my life. So thanks to all of you for continuing to support me by reading my blog and let me know which of these sayings means the most to you (or feel free to send me more of your own)!











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