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I’m sorry that it’s been a while but life has been busy and full of travel! I told you a little about my trip to Alabama, then I went to Palm Springs with a group of girls, and now I’m packing for a trip to Colorado. But what I want to talk to you all about today are some of the products I rely on for my training and workouts. A number of people have been asking me lately what I like and don’t like in the way of clothing and accessories. So here we go!

This first item I want to talk about is a fairly new one in my world. I’ve been against the built-in sports bra tops for workouts because I feel like they don’t provide enough support. I saw some cute ones at Old Navy a few months ago and tried them out… AMAZING!! The official name is the Active 2-in-1 Tank. They are shown below and I highly recommend grabbing a few (I currently have three). I have worn them sailing as they are quick-dry (ish) and comfortable for extended wear. I also love to wear these tanks to yoga because they allow flexibility through my shoulders but the waist band helps the top stay down when inverted. They are great for lifting or biking as well, but I have only run less than five miles in them at a time. They work alright for that but I just prefer to wear separate pieces for running. Either way, check them out for almost all other athletic activities.

teal top back teal top












The next item up is my choice of socks, I go with Feetures! These were recommended by my friend, Dahlia, who works at one of our local running stores. What I love about these socks is that they are breathable so my feet don’t get too hot. They also have stitching across the arch which gives extra support where I most need it… and it just feels good! The tops of the socks come up high enough that the socks don’t slip down and cause rubbing on my heels. But they float away from my ankle so again, my feet don’t feel claustrophobic. There are tons of bright color choices, which is a nice touch and they come in different thicknesses. I wear the thin/light around the house for support and the medium/normal during workouts for a little more cushion.


Next up are my yoga/running pants. Again, I go back to Old Navy for affordable options. I prefer a “heather” pattern on my spandex so they aren’t shiny and flatter my muscular legs more than most. These particular pants, the Active Compression Capris (19″), are a great length in that they are past my knees, don’t roll up, and don’t crowd my ankles. This allows for my legs to feel some breeze, which is key for my long runs. They also have a key slit on the top right of the waistband, where I can tuck my keys during workouts. I just love that they stay in place, don’t ride up, and look decent on me. They are great for yoga or riding the stationary bike at the gym too. I have a dark purple and a gray, and I highly recommend you try them out!

heather pants

My hydration belt is the last item and while I admit that I initially didn’t love it, I think that was because I wasn’t used to hydration belts in any form. Now, it’s totally grown on me and I love it. The front two bottles are 6 ounces each, which I fill with G2 Gatorade that I mix myself from the powder. The back two bottles are 10 ounces each, and I fill them with water. The pouch is JUST large enough for my iPhone with its case on it and my house keys. The downside is that nutrition doesn’t fit in there too, like Sport Beans or Shot Blocks… but I usually carry them until I need them without any problem. The wrapper does fit in the pouch, so that’s handy. I was nervous that the Velcro fastener in the front would not be strong enough to hold, but I haven’t had a problem yet! I have learned that I have to wear my less slick running clothes underneath to prevent the whole belt from riding up, but that’s easy. Anyway, I got this from Road Runner Sports and it’s called the R-Gear Go The Distance 4-Bottle Belt, but it is also available with just two bottles.


Anyway, those are my two cents on sports apparel and things that work for me right now. Hopefully it will be helpful for some of you, but feel free to ask me questions about any other articles I might have tried. Have a great weekend and happy early Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!


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