Earning It

Pause. Before reading my blog, PLEASE check out my fundraising page for the SF Marathon. So far, my lovely grandparents have contributed towards the amazingly important cause of helping young adults with cancer. If you want to know more about my race or why I am raising money for this cause, feel free to read my initial post about it here. And please, please consider donating… THANK YOU!!

Since we’re talking about running, let’s continue the trend! I may be training for a 26.2 mile race, but I’m currently most proud of the 3.1 miles I ran last Saturday morning. My training schedule called for me to race a 5K, so I found the one closest to my new place and signed up! I’m used to bigger races that require you to get there super early to park and check in and blah, blah, blah. But not this time! I rolled out of bed 1.5 hours before the starting gun, drove south to Mission Bay, checked in at the picnic table, and got ready to race. I haven’t raced a 5K in many, many years so I had very little idea how it was going to go. But I had the goal of breaking 25:00, which is 8:00/mile pace. A pace I’ve never held for very long, but a pace I felt fairly confident I could now.

The race itself was fairly uneventful, I watched my pace on my phone and kept with a few runners almost the whole time. I was pushing but it felt comfortable too, I was a little nervous to go too fast too early and burn out before the finish. Ultimately, my finish time was 24:42, which is 7:58/mile pace!! I grabbed some water and headed back north to take a nap 🙂 The icing on the cake of meeting my goal? I placed second in my age group… and I earned a medal!! I say earned because, unlike my longer races where everyone gets a medal, in this race only the top three in each age group got a medal. This is the first time in my adult life that I’ve EARNED a medal. It’s nothing extravagant, but I’ll treasure it forever lol.


The second major running update of the week was that I ran a 15 mile training run this morning. It’s the farthest I’ve ever run at one time and while it was a lot, I felt okay while doing it. I’m in Birmingham, AL (more on that soon), so I was only able to find a lake nearby with a one-mile loop. So I did it 15 times. It wasn’t that miserable because there were other people, and ducks, to watch. And there was a bathroom (ish) and it was packed gravel… But ugh, lol. It definitely reminded me that I will be earning every mile in my race in July.

I felt safe and it was close to the hotel though! I also wore my new hydration belt, so I got to try that out. It’s going to take some minor adjustments, but I felt good with all the liquid in my body! This was also the first run that was too long for my iPhone battery, so I just used my old running watch. Which has magnified the need for me to get a GPS, aka “real” running or activity watch. Anyone have suggestions?!

That’s all for now, but I will leave you with just one more picture of the medal I EARNED 😉 Cheers!



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