The title of this blog should be credited to my dear friend, McKenzie, who hashtags #sorryimnotsorry so much on Facebook I now think of her whenever I hear/see it. Why did I choose it as the title of this blog? Because I’m going to tell you about my day… and I’m not going to be sorry about how awesome it’s been 🙂 I’m choosing to write it as a time-table because I feel like it. And because it makes me happy.

6:46 am – Alarm goes off. I lay in bed and check in with the world. I also play Bejeweled Blitz until I beat my friend Erica, because I can be competitive first thing in the morning.

7:30 am – I head to the gym for a 40 minute ride on the stationery bike. It’s kind of boring, but I manage to read the entirety of Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Our stationary store is participating in a Shop Hop, in case you know what that is, and this book is our theme this summer. The book was alright, it basically relates different types of shells to our everyday lives. A quick read and it helped pass the time while I biked and drank 32 oz of water. After my ride I lifted a little bit, did some “beach body” core next to a 65 man with better abs than me.

9:15 am – Home to shower and pack for the day. Nothing exciting here.

10:00 am – I arrived in La Jolla for another research study. My favorite things! After confirming that I’m not pregnant (there was no question, but it was fun to pee on the stick), I started the study. This time I got paid to have an itch-inducing root rubbed on my arm in four places. It was then treated with four different ointments/creams/lotions to stop the itching (or really burning) sensation. My discomfort was never higher than a four out of ten and the researchers were really interesting to talk to. And I made $75 in two hours.

12:00 pm – The “low point” of my day. I got a little frustrated at the Fedex Office store trying to print, sign, scan, and fax or email my contract. But it was worth it in the end… I guess. Why was I signing a contract? Because I have officially agreed to work for my old company, Halstrom, again. I’m not teaching or lead teaching this time, but instead I’m working with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction on designing syllabi for the AP subjects we offer. The goal of my project is to draft syllabi that will be accepted by Collegeboard AND that will actually be helpful to Halstrom teachers based on the model we follow. I’m hesitantly excited about this project because it’s my first contracting position. I have six weeks to complete fourteen syllabi that meet those goals. If I succeed, there could be more projects in my future!

1:00 pm – I grabbed a custom sandwich from Whole Foods and headed to Mission Bay to enjoy a picnic lunch outside. It was almost 80 degrees here today and I enjoyed watching the boats and runners go by while I ate. Then I started the next book for my book club… Sidenote: I should start reviewing the books we’ve been reading.

3:30 pm – Headed inside for my fifth nutritionist appointment. I’ve mentioned Andrea before and while today’s results were a little disappointing, I learned a lot and I admitted to myself that I haven’t been fully committing to a nutrition plan. I’m doing great with my workouts but I need to apply the same discipline to my eating habits. Number one goal for the next three weeks is to meal plan and make dishes that last several nights to I don’t have to cook every night and I don’t resort to Wendy’s as a last-ditch dinner.

4:30 pm – I settled into a coffee shop to catch up on life before dinner. I’ve been writing this blog and going through emails. I need to review applications for the scholarship that I co-founded and I want to start working on my new work assignment. Chinese food dinner might be in my future as well before I crash into bed tonight.

Thanks for reading through my day so far! I can’t wait to update everyone on my progress in fitness, nutrition, curriculum, and life in general. Happy Wednesday, everyone 🙂


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