April 2nd – One Third of the Way Through

I can’t believe it’s this time again already! And before I go to far, I want to apologize to the East Coast as they will be seeing this blog on April 3rd. That’s life, and it’s been quite busy for me lately. But I digress. I’m actually really pleased with my progress since last time. I absolutely think it helps that I have been in SoCal every single night of this past month! Not only does that mean that I completed my first task, but it means that I’ve had some free time to relax and just enjoy my life.

To refresh your memories, I should be averaging 2.5 of each item a month. Which means I should be at 10 of each by this point in my year.  I am for 19 of my 30 tasks! I hate that I haven’t run on the beach more and I really, really plan pick that up soon. I also need to read more in the Bible and in my papasan chair.  The only item I haven’t even started is my scrapbook, but I’m happy to say that with my new job I have been organizing and planning my next book so I can start construction soon!

That’s really all I’ve got for now, so here are the tallies below… enjoy!

30 Things 30 Times Before 30 (Completed items listed)

1. Cook a new dish (10)
2. Watch the sunset (11)
3. Go to yoga class (10)
4. Take a walk for exercise with a friend or friends (10)
5. Attend a church service in person (8)
6. Act like a kid, just because I can (10)
7. Perform a random act of kindness (11)
8. Send a piece of snail mail (12)
9. Spend the night in my new house (consecutively) (30)
10. Run on the beach (3)
11. Explore a new place in San Diego county (10)
12. Read in my papasan chair (7)
13. Call, FaceTime, or Skype with my extended family (10)
14. Take a nap (11)
15. Go a whole day without using a car (10)
16. Play a board game (13)
17. Read a book in the Bible (4)
18. Have a casual conversation with a complete stranger (11)
19. Leave my phone at home for the day (7)
20. Say no when I want to say yes (8)
21. Say yes when I want to say no (8)
22. Go to a farmers market or street fair (8)
23. Drive without the radio on (11)
24. Spend a day without looking at my to-do lists (15)
25. Create a scrapbook page (0)
26. Play Duolingo app to learn Spanish (8)
27. Pull over at a scenic spot while driving (9)
28. Enjoy a moment without trying to take a picture of it (11)
29. Look at the stars (13)
30. Go to sleep without setting an alarm (17)

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