Paige FINALLY Came to Visit ;)

Some of you may remember that my very good friend from Virginia, Paige, drove across the country with me in 2012 when I made the big move to southern California. After she moved me in to Cardiff, she got on a red-eye flight home and didn’t really get a chance to explore my new home. So finally, she decided to come back and really see my town and meet my friends!

Most of the week was spent relaxing, talking, and just catching up. But we did do some typical touristy stuff, like walk the Oceanside pier, wander through Old Town, and check out the La Jolla sea lions. We hit the hot spots of food in our area too, with stops at Pizza Port, Hapifish, The Mission, and D St Bar and Grill. I was happy that most of my core friends were around town and able to meet Paige as well. We shopped with Erica, had dinner with Brian and Blake, ate lunch with X, sailed with Katie and Sean, and had a game night with everyone else. No complaints from me and I know Paige had fun too!

I’m not really in a writing mood today (or this month) so I’ll just put up a few pictures below for you to enjoy. Hopefully I’ll feel more like writing later this week, I do have a lot I want to tell you all soon. For now, I’m off to kickball pre-season so enjoy your Sunday 🙂

March Pics 002

March Pics 008

March Pics 026

March Pics 034

March Pics 072

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