My WWW – Wonderful Workout World

In this post I’m going to highlight and review two devices/apps I currently use to help my track my training. Then I’m going to ask advice from all of you on technologies to add to my regiment.  If you aren’t a sporty person… scroll down and read a past post?

1. Up by Jawbone – I’ve used this since December 2012 when my sister-in-law recommended it to me. I’ve since gotten my roommate and his family hooked on it too. Things I like are that it’s sleek and essentially looks like a black bracelet, it also tracks steps and sleep patterns. You can set goals (10,000 steps/day and 7 hours of sleep/night are mine) and track your progress. I also love that daily you get tips and encouragement, for example, “Last Saturday you rocked your fitness by walking 12,035 steps. Try to beat that today!”. Another example I frequently get is, “You have been going to sleep quite late. Do you want to set 10:30pm as your bedtime tonight?”. If I accept the challenge, it will vibrate about 15 minutes prior to remind me to sleep. You can also set the device to vibrate after a set period of inactivity. For example, after 45 minutes of sitting at the computer it will wiggle and I’ll get up for water or something. I don’t use the alarm/wake-up feature but you can tell it to wiggle you awake within a certain time frame when you are sleeping your lightest. This apparently helps combat grogginess in the mornings.  Members of your group can see your accomplishments and send you messages via the app as well, which helps with accountability. My big accomplishment with this device so far has been hitting 1 million steps!!


2. MapMyRun (or MapMyFitness) – This app I’ve used since last fall maybe? It helps me track all of my fitness, which is awesome. For things like running, biking, and walking it uses GPS to track your progress and chimes in with pace updates every mile. You can also track how you’ve done on certain routes that you frequently run. The app sends you “awards” when you PR or show improvement on a certain section of your workout. You can also log other fitness activities like yoga, lifting, or swimming. It estimates calories burned for each activity and shares your workouts with your friends. This helps encourage me to workout and keep me accountable. I also love that it tracks my progress overtime, as shown below. They also have monthly challenges sponsored by different athletic companies, where you can “Hike the Matterhorn” by walking the same number of miles in a certain period of time. There are always raffles and weekly prizes for those making appropriate progress. Just a little extra incentive to stay healthy.  Here are my lifetime stats to date, enjoy!

Lifetime Stats

Alright, now time for the advice requests. PLEASE leave comments or send me messages with advice. Any/all is welcome!!

1. I kind of want a GPS watch for running long distances because one downside of MapMyRun is that I have to carry my iPhone with me and it wont last on long runs. I want it to be able to tell me my pace every mile. I would ideally like it to be able to sync with MapMyRun. I don’t want top of the line (aka most expensive) but I’m willing to pay for a good one. I’m debating if I care about being able to swim in it, is that worth it for triathlons?

2. My longer miles are forcing me to think about carrying a water supply with me on runs. I’m typically against this but after this mornings dehydrated fiasco, I might want to reconsider this opposition. I don’t need a ton of water and don’t want something on my back. The lighter the better. Probably a waist thing? Who knows.

3. I’m still hunting for a road bike (yes, still). I know I like SRAM shifting systems. I know I don’t want a tri-bike. I know I don’t want to take out a loan to purchase this thing. Any brands or questions to ask while shopping would be great. I’m ready to pull the trigger I think… Maybe?

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