Scrapbooks and Shoe Fairies

I guess it’s time to let y’all know about my most recent job change. I’ve told you that I quit my teaching gig and then I traveled for a few weeks. But I’m back in SoCal now and was anxious to find some kind of work to bring in money and keep me busy.

While I was gone, I emailed the owner of a cute scrapbooking store in Solana Beach. It was a long shot but I just asked if she needed part-time help. I also offered to help update her website and get more internet exposure for her business. I didn’t expect to get an answer and I certainly never thought it would actually work out. But it did!

A long-time employee had just retired in January, leaving an opening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Judy admitted to me in the interview that she was so hesitant about the internet because it was stealing all of her business. I suggested updating her website, Facebook page and creating a Yelp account to get more exposure for free! The bottom line is that she hired me and I started last Thursday 🙂

It’s only been two days but I really like it so far. I love that I work with each of the other two employees one day each. It’s been fun learning everything the store really has to offer. This is my first retail job so the cash register is even fun, lol. And the hours are set with absolutely zero outside work required, so when I leave the store I don’t think about it until the next day I work. In addition to scrapbooking, they are an invitation and card store. Judy does custom printing right there in the back of the store, which is awesome for our customers. I have a lot to learn to get up to the level of placing custom orders but it’ll be exciting when I get there.

I’ll have to keep you posted as I continue to work and learn. There may even be beginner scrapbooking classes in my future! And I hope my online projects bring in noticeable amounts of customers. Side note: I’ll get a store discount too, which should inspire my next book. But I know what you are all thinking, two days of work a week does not enough money make. I know, I know. And I’m still applying to other part-time jobs and have a few leads there both in the education and non-profit fields.

For now, I’m filling my days off with lots of working out and training. I’m also volunteering a TON. This week I’m playing “Shoe Fairy” for several Girls on the Run scholarship teams. These are teams in low-income areas that we provide running shoes for, with money from SoulMates like me! So I fitted the girls last week and are delivering their new shoes this week. I’m also doing data entry at church on Mondays and have worked packet pick-ups for several races.

Life is busy but life is good. I hope the rest of you can say the same thing and I’ll talk to you soon!

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