March 2nd – Three Months into “30 Things”

Before continuing, you should take a minute to go back and look at the announcement on my 29th birthday of my plan for this year. Then, you should check in and read that the first month didn’t go so well. I picked up steam in the second month though, with my update chart looking good!

Stop. Did you really go back and look and any of those three old posts? I’ll be able to tell you know. At least check out the original posting about my 30 Things Challenge so you have any idea what this even is… Please?

Alright I will now progress under the assumption that everyone who has gotten this far actually cares and wants to hear about my progress. Since it’s been three months, I should be at 7 or 8 of each item by now… and I am there for 13 of my goals!! I know that doesn’t sound that great, but I’m trying. I’d like to highlight the fact that I’ve improved greatly on random acts of kindness and going to yoga. I’ve fallen into a pattern of going twice a week to yoga and pro-actively seeking people to help. I want to really push in March to get as many categories as possible up to 10… I’m here in SD for the month with nothing to do but focus on enjoying life 🙂

I also want to point out that traveling in February helped a number of these items, specifically numbers 15, 16, 24, and 30. Life on the road is so relaxing for me and while visiting with friends I’m way more likely to play games and avoid my to-do lists. I’m also WAY less likely to set an alarm or use a car… especially since many of my friends currently live in cities with public transportation.

There are a number of goals I really want to focus on this coming month. My top five items for March are numbers 10, 12, 17, 26, and 27. The weather is getting warmer so beach runs will be more inviting. I can “cheat” and read books in the Bible while sitting in my papasan chair to hit both of those goals at the same time. The driving stops will be the most challenging, but possibly the most rewarding. And Duolingo… lo siento. I really need to make this a priority. There’s an off chance that I will complete #9 this month as well, as I’m currently 15 days in with no plans (yet) to leave SD in March!!

30 Things 30 Times Before 30 (Completed items listed)

1. Cook a new dish (7)
2. Watch the sunset (6)
3. Go to yoga class (5)
4. Take a walk for exercise with a friend or friends (7)
5. Attend a church service in person (6)
6. Act like a kid, just because I can (7)
7. Perform a random act of kindness (9)
8. Send a piece of snail mail (8)
9. Spend the night in my new house (consecutively) (0)
10. Run on the beach (2)
11. Explore a new place in San Diego county (7)
12. Read in my papasan chair (4)
13. Call, FaceTime, or Skype with my extended family (6)
14. Take a nap (7)
15. Go a whole day without using a car (9)
16. Play a board game (10)
17. Read a book in the Bible (3)
18. Have a casual conversation with a complete stranger (5)
19. Leave my phone at home for the day (5)
20. Say no when I want to say yes (5)
21. Say yes when I want to say no (5)
22. Go to a farmers market or street fair (5)
23. Drive without the radio on (6)
24. Spend a day without looking at my to-do lists (10)
25. Create a scrapbook page (0)
26. Play Duolingo app to learn Spanish (5)
27. Pull over at a scenic spot while driving (3)
28. Enjoy a moment without trying to take a picture of it (7)
29. Look at the stars (7)
30. Go to sleep without setting an alarm (11)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Jessica
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 09:36:18

    I love these and the fact that you keep track of each one. Pretty soon they will be habits and not something you have to think about.



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