Whistler Ski Trip 2014

I’ll start this post with an update on my knee, since I wrote about that a few days ago. After spending the day resting and icing and medicating, I was determined to ski our third and fourth days if possible. I followed my sister-in-law’a advice to see the PT in town and made an appointment for 7:45am Monday morning. It was COLD and dark as I made my way into the village that morning and my knee was stiff, but I was anxious to see what they said.

My physio was amazing. She’s been in Whistler for 22 years and had seen it all. After twisting, pulling, pushing, and stretching my knee in all possible ways she said I was okay. She admitted that when she first saw the swollen state of my knee and heard what happened that she was almost certain there would be ligament damage. But everything seemed secure to her and I passed all of the stress tests! She kept looking at my face, anticipating looks of terror/pain, but I just smiled. We then spent the rest of the hour massaging, ultra sounding, biking, and icing. Then it was off to the slopes!!

Monday and Tuesday were SO fun 🙂 I think I enjoyed and appreciated it more because I wasn’t sure I’d get to be out there. I will say that it was COLD. Monday at the peak was -2 and Tuesday it was -10 at the peak. Fahrenheit. It didn’t get above 10 degrees at the base either day. Brrrrrr!!! But we made due and just took breaks inside to warm up when we needed to. Tuesday we had Belgium waffles up on the slopes (delicious!) and I used toe warmers in my boots for the first time ever. So, so cold. Like your fingers go numb before you get your pole straps on. Luckily it was a little warmer at mid-mountain and we tried to stay in the sunshine.

My knee was super stiff and popped with each step in my boots, so the worst part was getting to and from the slopes. The swelling prohibited me from bending 100% but I could rest my leg on the chair lift pegs, which was clutch. It was really pain but just a lot of discomfort… I’ll take it! The boys were great and forced me to take it easy, staying on greens and blues and groomed slopes on Monday for sure. They also waited on me while I slowly scrambled to the slopes and they refilled my ice bags tat home 🙂

When we weren’t skiing, we were just hanging out. Tuesday night when their equipment had been returned, we hit the town and did a make-shift bar crawl through the village. Our pattern was: bar/beer, store/gift, bar, gift shops, and so on… It was a lot of fun. By the time we stopped for dinner at a Mongolian place, my leg was shot. But the food was warm and delicious. After we got home, I showered and passed out pretty quickly, in spite of the chaos going on around me.

Wednesday we slept in, a little, and packed up. Then we bused into town to check out, hit a few last minute shops, and jumped on our bus into Vancouver. I drifted in and out of sleep along the winding road, read a little, and watched the scenery go by. At the airport I read some more and rested my knee. I was nervous about the plane and car after we landed because my knee was going to be pretty cramped. After we got our bags and our car, we headed south. It was already quite late and Xavier was a rock star driving home, especially when the interstate was closed. I finally crashed into bed about 1:30am… Exhausted but happy.

Obviously, I wish some things (really just one) had gone differently on this trip. But other than that, I loved traveling with these guys and it was exciting to explore a new place! Today I’ve got a huge to do list because I head out again tomorrow. Yikes!!


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