Feb 2 Update (Knee and 30 Things)

This is going to be a two-part post. The first part is going to update everyone on my knee issues, then the second part with update on my progress with my 30 things project. Let me start by reminding/telling you that I’m currently in Whistler, BC, Canada on a week-long ski trip with three of my best friends from SD: Prith, Sean, and Xavier. These guys are awesome and I feel really blessed to have a group of friends that a) like to travel, b) like to ski, and c) let me tag along.


We drove to LA on Thursday night and crashed with Sean’s brother who then drove us to LAX at 5am on Friday morning (THANKS BOBBY!!) We then bused up to Whistler and explored the village, settled into our condo, and the boys picked up their rental equipment. Saturday morning we had a good big breakfast and hit the slopes! Conditions were variable as this is the least amount of snow Whistler has gotten in years. Boo. But variable conditions in Canada is way better than variable conditions in SoCal like we had at Big Bear last weekend šŸ™‚ Around noon, we were at the very top of Whistler mountain, trying to cut across to an area of bowls that are rated blues (intermediate) and this is where the “fun” began…


Many of you saw the super gross picture I posted on Facebook yesterday (see above). This was taken about 4pm back in our condo. So now, let’s fill in what happened in those four hours. So I pulled up along a ridge-top trail just past an intersection to double check that I was going the correct way. I was off to the left of the slope and immediately checked up-hill to see that I was out of the way. I was… or so I thought. It was a fairly narrow trail but not single-file by any means. I see a guy going a little too fast and trying to make the u-turn onto the other fork of the trail. Unfortunately, he had to swerve to miss Sean and this forced him to hit a snow pile, which launched him into the air. And directly at me. I remember thinking, “This guy is not going to stop”. And then the full-sized adult male slammed full-speed into the left side of my body.

I’d been perpendicular to the slope, so he really just nailed the left half of me. As I hit the snow, I forced myself not to move. The good news? I heard no major snaps. The not great news? My left knee HURT. My left ski had popped off and I have no recollection of my poles… I think they were still attached, but I quickly removed them. Immediately, the boys skied up and I know that my first concern was not getting hit again. We weren’t in a great place now and the other guy was laying in the snow too. So we assessed the situation, I determined that everything was okay except my left knee. The other guy was fine, collected his things, and his group checked on me too.

I have never been so thankful for being in good shape. I felt like everything in and surrounding my left knee had been stretched to the max… but I also felt like nothing had snapped/broken. Yay! I was also grateful that I have a decent awareness of my body and how it feels. I slowly stood up with the guys help and determined that my knee was, “not right but not wrong”. After much reassurance, we decided to take the green way down and see how it felt. I was super cautious and moved slowly but it didn’t really hurt, just felt loose/off. I knew that if I stopped for lunch or went inside that my knee would start to swell and lock up, so we made our way down to the base. Then we ate lunch. When we first got down, I have to admit that I felt a little bit of shock and the adrenaline definitely wore off as we sat.

After barely eating, it was decided that I should check in with first aid and then head home. I insisted that the boys head back out for the last few hours of the day. The ski patrol concurred with my conclusion that since I could stand and walk and ski, nothing major was damaged. They mentioned a dislocated meniscus or kneecap and recommended RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). They then helped me get to the bus stop and I got home without too much pain. Again, it just felt uncomfortable but not painful. I then rested and iced until the boys got home, then we went out to a late dinner and passed out.

photo 1

This morning my knee was STIFF and swollen, but not too terrible (see updated picture above). My better judgement decided that I should pass on skiing this morning though :/ The biggest concern for me is that my knee feels SO tight when I bend it 90 degrees, because it’s still swollen. On a ski lift, with the weight of a boot and ski… just not ideal. So I’m hanging out at the condo, writing this blog and watching TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. Our plan is to meet for a late lunch at 1:30pm on up Whistler mountain, where I can get to by gondola. So I can either try to ski over if my knee swelling goes down, or I can walk and ride up there. If I feel okay, I hope to ski for the last two hours of the day after that, again if my knee feels okay. Until then, I’m RICE’ing and enjoying the view šŸ™‚

photo 2

And now for the update on my 30 things 30 times before 30 project! I was not super pleased with my progress by the end of month one, but I kept it up and have improved a little this month. In theory I should’ve done each item five times by now… which I definitely haven’t. In fact, I’ve only done seven of the items five times. So I have some catching up to do! But the good news is that I’ve completed eight items four times, so that’s super close! Winning right now is playing board games, which I’ve done eight times (yay!). I’ve also started every category except 30 consecutive nights in my new house and scrapbooking, which is pretty good. Anyway, here are the updated tallies below:

30 Things 30 Times Before 30 (Completed items listed)

1. Cook a new dish (4)
2. Watch the sunset (5)
3. Go to yoga class (2)
4. Take a walk for exercise with a friend or friends (4)
5. Attend a church service in person (5)
6. Act like a kid, just because I can (2)
7. Perform a random act of kindness (3)
8. Send a piece of snail mail (3)
9. Spend the night in my new house (consecutively) (0)
10. Run on the beach (1)
11. Explore a new place in San Diego county (5)
12. Read in my papasan chair (4)
13. Call, FaceTime, or Skype with my extended family (3)
14. Take a nap (4)
15. Go a whole day without using a car (4)
16. Play a board game (8)
17. Read a book in the Bible (3)
18. Have a casual conversation with a complete stranger (3)
19. Leave my phone at home for the day (2)
20. Say no when I want to say yes (3)
21. Say yes when I want to say no (4)
22. Go to a farmers market or street fair (2)
23. Drive without the radio on (3)
24. Spend a day without looking at my to-do lists (7)
25. Create a scrapbook page (0)
26. Play Duolingo app to learn Spanish (4)
27. Pull over at a scenic spot while driving (2)
28. Enjoy a moment without trying to take a picture of it (4)
29. Look at the stars (5)
30. Go to sleep without setting an alarm (6)


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