Five and Alive… Carlsbad Half 2014

Sunday morning I ran my fifth half marathon, which is pretty cool! I didn’t run a PR but I did have a good time and I certainly learned a lot. First, I should start by saying that I didn’t train like I should have. The past few months have been rough for me in numerous aspects of my life. But that’s neither here nor there. I didn’t put in the training hours, I didn’t stay committed to my plan, and I wasn’t prepared.

Race day

So Sunday morning I met up with some friends who were also running (see above). Lisa, Brian, Erica and I play kickball together and Tyler was just a last second addition. We all started in different waves, so we said good luck and split off. I was in wave three, with an entry time of two hours. Considering my training, I was hoping to be somewhere between 2:00 and 2:10. But I really wasn’t sure how the race would go. My insides were rumbling in the bad way, and I wasn’t sure how my legs would hold up. But the gun went off and away I went!

The first issue? I had my running app on, but quickly realized it would kill my battery (and more importantly, my music) so I had to stop it. This meant I lost my timekeeping device as well. Bummer. The next issue? Just after mile four I felt queasy and ended up pulling over to throw up. I’d eaten the same breakfast I eat before every race (a fruit/nut bar and an orange). I’d also stuck with the same water plan, which is to drink at every aid station for the first half of the race, then see how I felt for the second half. But for some reason, my insides were revolting.

After that break I felt unsteady and a little faint, but I trusted my legs and kept going. I’d lost the 2:00 pace group and I slowed a little through the next few water stations. I was trying to enjoy the scenery and just focus on the fun of the race, even though I clearly wasn’t going to PR. After the turn-around I felt different rumblings inside and soon started searching for a port-a-john. It took almost a mile of one-track running, but I made it to the bathroom in time. After this second stop, I felt a little better but was definitely off my pace. I resolved to finishing the race the best I could.

The last four miles were alright, obviously not my best, but not terrible either.  I read some good posters/signs, I saw some good cheering sections, and I kept running. That was all that mattered. And I finished the race! I knew I was in bad shape when the race volunteers at the finish line asked if I was okay. I tried to get some water down while I waited for my friend to finish her first-ever half marathon (read her story here). The rest of our crew had already finished and headed south for a soccer game, crazy kids.


The time when I crossed the line said 2:14… something. And I figured it was about six minutes slow since I was in the third heat. Eventually, the official results were posted and I ran a 2:08:04. That’s about ten minutes slower than the same race last year. But it wasn’t my worst half marathon ever, and I was quite happy with a few factors. Like how well I did under the circumstances. My legs didn’t actually hurt at all, they held up great! Mentally I knew exactly how my body was feeling and I even knew what my pace was without a watch. I made smart alterations to my race plan as I went and I finished in a respectable time without damaging myself. YAY!!

That’s all for now, but just FYI there are many more races to come this year… and I plan to train a little more for them 😉


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