Thankful for my SoCal Life

I haven’t blogged about my Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m sorry for that. But here’s a link to my sister-in-law’s blog about their visit. What I want to talk about, is what I did this past weekend. I haven’t been in the holiday spirit too much lately because there has just been a lot going on. But I decided to just relax and enjoy it this weekend. I’ve posted tons of pictures on Facebook, but enjoy the story below as well 🙂

Friday, I worked all day and then went over to X’s new place in Cardiff, near where I first lived when I moved to SoCal. His neighbor was having a dinner party so we walked over. It was AMAZING. Summer spring rolls family-style for 20+ people. Yes, please! We made our own, to order, and ate and ate and ate. Then after the meal, we had a plethora of desserts to choose from, just in case we were still hungry. The group was a cool mix of young professionals from the neighborhood and I had a great time just chatting with new people and hearing their stories.

The next morning I was up early to drive with Erica to Long Beach for our charity kickball tournament. We had signed up with the league we play in regularly… too bad it was in the 40s and pouring rain. After our first game, I wasn’t convinced I was going to last through the next three. Our team, Chicks with Kicks, was in role-reversal costumes with the girls wearing bowties and suspenders and the guys in tutus. The rain eventually stopped and I started to enjoy myself again… even though we went 0-4. It was a cool group of people and a fun thing to do for the day.  And the icing on the cake? I got home in time to see the holiday parade in Encinitas and hang out with some of the guys… and their new little buddy, Peter.

Sunday, after dragging myself out of bed, I headed south for my 5K race. This one wasn’t about me at all though, it was about my team of Girls on the Run. All of our girls and their running buddies made it to the finish line, wearing tutus and smiling! It was an incredible experience to watch these girls achieve their goals and complete their first races. This season it has been an absolute pleasure working with these young girls. I’m not used to little guys, so it was a challenge, but an extremely rewarding one!

From the race, I booked it to SDSU for their men’s basketball game. X’s new job has him running the software on a program that will take action shots of fans during events. They are testing out their system at the games, so I got to go up on the catwalk and hang out in the booth during the game. I  have a thing with seeing my friends at work, and it was cool to experience that with him. Just when you thought my weekend would be done, I grabbed dinner with my friend, Michael, at a new (for me) place in Enci.  We had Asian Fusion and sake before I called it a night, and a weekend.

Until next time, enjoy the holidays and appreciate the people in your life that are spending them with you.


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