The First Steps are the Hardest

I have learned a lot this year as I have run three half marathons, three triathlons, and numerous smaller races. I have matured as an athlete, struggled as a young professional, and triumphed as a person. Those are all bold statements, but allow me to explain. And forgive me for rambling, as I am currently sitting at the airport at the end of a marathon day/week/month. But I digress.

Last week marked the beginning of training for my first race in 2014. I’ve signed up to run the Carlsbad Half Marathon for the second year in a row. Last year, this was a huge decision because I had a less than favorable first half marathon. This year it was a huge decision because it means I will be facing myself. Same course, same time of year, same training… Okay, not identical, but similar. It will be me versus me. And I’m nervous that 2014 Karen won’t be able to beat 2013 Karen. At least not without hurting herself.

Why the lack in confidence? Aside from the fact that it’s part of my nature, I just don’t feel very in shape right now. I really had to take a long break after this summer and the Chula Vista Challenge. I broke my thumb in training, I burned out my legs and arms, and I was just mentally shot. It’s taken a lot for me to crawl back into the right mindset for racing. And last week’s first runs were miserable. I only got through them because I know from the past that they are the hardest. For me, the first week or two of training isn’t about your time or your legs or your lungs. It’s about literally getting out of bed in the morning and getting through the workout.

The speed and strength will come. The confidence will increase. The excitement will build. The excess weight and fat will (hopefully) come off. Twelve weeks from day one, I will stand at the start line and I will be as prepared as I can be. I just have to trust the system and get out of bed. Take those first steps and tell myself over and over that it will get easier. I’ll keep you posted as training progress, I can at least promise you that. I don’t want to cut this short, but it’s time to board and fall asleep for five blissful hours!


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  1. Raymond Oliver
    Nov 08, 2013 @ 15:11:04

    Karen, You did good., Thanks for your wonderful visit today. ,and the help with the phone . It is always exciting to be with you. It is nice of you to take time to visit us & the Lord’s. Hope you find them better Say hi for us. Hope you get to hear Bill preach. He would be thrilled. Love you & blessings, G- Dad & G- Mom O



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