Fall Funk and Fabulous Friends

I first want to apologize to those of you who read my blog religiously, because I have only posted once or twice in the last month. Honestly, I have been super busy with the start of the school year. But I have also been in a little bit of a funk. Which I think was caused primarily by my job, and I hate that. I’m getting ahead of myself though, so let me start at the beginning (a very good place to start).

I’ve been teaching at my school since April, 2013. I was originally at the San Diego campus but have since transferred up to the Carlsbad campus, which is about three miles from our house. Yay! I love the one-on-one teaching model, I love our kids and I love the flexibility of the job. This fall, I was asked to serve as the Lead Teacher for our campus, which is similar to a department chair position. I would be responsible for overseeing the other seven teachers, training new staff, and serving as the teacher liaison with the other campuses.  I took the job, switched from an hourly teacher to a salaried leader with benefits.

In August, I worked with the other lead teachers to plan our staff development week and LOVED it. I presented on teaching AP courses and helped with numerous other sessions. This filled the void of leadership in my life and I was excited for the year. My only reservations were about schools breaks and time off and time to travel. After working out those quirks, I settled into my new role.  Then, I started to realize all that was asked of me in my role. There is a definite lack of communication and motivation to take initiative is waning. In addition, my salary is (in my opinion) not fair. In true Karen fashion, I crunched the numbers and have presented my case to the powers that be. We will see what transpires as a result.

Without going into any more detail, let me sum it up: I love my campus, I’m starting to question the business/financial side of a private school, and I want to enjoy and appreciate the opportunity but I am struggling. We have had a lot of drama recently, something I don’t enjoy in any aspect of my life. So I will keep plugging and keep thinking about the kids and the co-workers that are extremely supportive and helpful.

In other news, I have really been trying to spend quality time with my close friends here. I have a group of guys that I love and cherish more than anything. They understand that I’ve been overwhelmed, they’ve given me space, they’ve rallied around me to take my mind off work, they’ve listened to me rant about my frustrations without judging my confusion, they’ve picked up the slack I’ve created by working longer hours, and they’ve just been there. If you’re one of those guys, you hopefully already know all of this and how much I appreciate you. But just in case: thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

Going forward, I’m trying to re-spin my thinking and leave work at work. I have been spending a lot of time volunteering lately, which has been a blessing… but I will tell you about that next post!


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