Greek Crockpot Creation

I have to give credit up front for this recipe. I got it from CrockinGirls, but I did edit it to my personal taste. I wanted to try a crockpot meal in the middle of the week while I was at work. So I got up a little early and dumped the frozen meat (from Costco) and seasoning in the pot. I was a little worried about the meat unfolding properly and having enough juice, so I decided to head home at lunch to check on it.


Below is a picture of the fat-free tzatziki sauce, which I made in the evening when I got home from work. I omitted the dill in the recipe because I don’t love dill and, to be honest, because I didn’t know if they meant dill powder or seasoning or what. At lunchtime I helped the meat uncurl and covered it in the broth. I was excited to see that there was more than enough juice and the meat was cooking slowly! The morning prep had taken only 10 minutes. And this step took 2 minutes… So far so good!


When work was done and the meat had been cooking for just over 10 hours on low, I prepped my sauce and got out the other toppings. I went with pita pockets from Ralph’s bakery, which were only okay. Then cucumbers, spinach, feta cheese, and my sauce. I thought about onions but didn’t want to cut the one I had. I did manage to find grapes to use as a side and called it a meal after that. Pulling the meat was easy as it pretty much just fell apart. Assembling the pitas was fun and after having this meal for dinner that night and lunches for the rest of the week, I was a pro (see below).


So overall, the prep time was probably 25 minutes all day, with only 10 of those after work when I was tired and hungry. And it was delicious! So I will absolutely try this meal again. Oh, and cost-wise my total was $20 on meat and $5 on other ingredients, some of which I now have stocked. Not bad for three dinners and four lunches with meat leftover. Feel free to comment after you try it yourselves and happy crocking!


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  1. Susan Oliver
    Sep 22, 2013 @ 12:11:22

    OK, being an non-cooking expert mom; I usually don’t comment on your delicious, healthy recipes. Instead, I copy & make them myself. BUT, dill is an essential ingredient of Tsatziki sauce. They probably meant fresh, chopped dill. BTW, whole dill seed is the secret success ingredient in your Grandmother Lord’s fabulous potato salad. But that’s a cooking lesson for another day. Love your crock pot meals that last for days. Way to go, daughter!



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