A Laborless Long Weekend

Last Thursday night, after three straight days of teacher conferences, I drove to the San Diego airport for my red-eye flight to Atlanta!! When I found out I had “two weeks” off, I booked this flight to see some of my favorite friends. I slept the whole flight, but it was only four hours so I continued to doze all morning while Bobby and Megz worked from home. Then we all rallied for lunch and a nice walk along the Chattahoochee River. That night “we” cooked an amazing meal of fish tacos with blondies for dessert. My little sister, Katie, joined us for a little while and then she and I left for our hotel.

Saturday morning Katie and I hit the ground running with a packed, touristy agenda. We started at the World of Coke, which was a little cheesy but also really fun. Our favorite room was obviously the tasting room where we could sample Coke products from around the world. My stomach was a little nervous after not having any soda for over a month, but it did okay with the small samples. Then we wandered through Centennial Park and enjoyed the pre-game tailgate. From pork barbecue to prize wheels and Sheryl Crow to funnel cakes, it was incredible. When we couldn’t take the heat anymore, we tried the new (air conditioned) Ferris wheel.


Then it was off to the Chick-fil-a College Kickoff Game!! Alabama played Virginia Tech in the Georgia Dome and we had twelfth row seats in the end zone, thanks to Katie. When we sat down, we all had free breakfast item coupons in our drink holders. And as the teams were announced, thousands of plush cows parachuted from the top of the dome. It was awesome! The game was fairly lopsided, but the fans were in good spirits and Alabama won, Roll Tide!


We walked back to our luxurious hotel to watch the rest of college football from our comfy beds and then in the morning, I went up to the rooftop pool for a nice swim. The shot below is looking down into the lobby from the 19th floor. We met up with Bobby and Megz to explore the Botanical Gardens in the late morning. They were gorgeous and we all enjoyed the floral sculptures throughout the grounds. Then we had delicious burgers for lunch as the rains finally came. We all parted ways after lunch and I drove in rain, at times horrific, from Atlanta up to the southern border of Virginia.


It was worth the long, accident-filled drive to wake up on Monday and head out on the lake with Paige. We spent six hours just cruising around, parking and swimming, and just enjoying life. Country music, cold drinks, and amazing weather… What more could we ask for? Every time I visit Paige, I become more and more convinced that I want a lake house later in life, whether I live there year round or not. It’s just so freaking relaxing! We hung out Monday night with her family and friends, who are collectively the most welcoming and kind-hearted group of people I’ve been blessed to meet.


Tuesday Paige had to work, but I spent the day decorating her office/private bathroom. It was really fun to check out all the adorable little shops in town and try to coordinate pieces to bring some life and color to her little world. Last night we watched a double feature of chick flicks while eating leftovers. Just a typical weekday night in Clarksville, VA. I hate leaving here because it is really starting to feel more and more like home as I get to know the people and places. But San Diego was calling me home!


This morning I drove to the airport in Raleigh and boarded my first flight at 8:30am. As we started the engines after backing up, smoke poured out of the left one so they shut it down. Then they tried it again and it caught fire. Whoops? Needless to say, the flight was canceled. I’m currently killing time in Atlanta after my first flight. I’ll get home four hours late, which I guess could be worse. As I always say, I love people-watching in airports so it doesn’t bother me so much, as long as I’m not missing anything at home. Here’s the video my seat mate took of the fire, enjoy and don’t work too hard this week!


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  1. Matt
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 07:30:09

    “We”: Tacos = Bobby, Blondies = Megz?
    Hotel: Georgian Terrace?



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