My Day Trip to San Fran

Last Monday I woke up at 4am, drove to SAN, hopped on a plane, spent twelve hours on the ground in San Francisco, jumped back on a plane at SFO, drove home, and crashed around midnight. Why? Because I was invited to join my good friend, Danny, and his girlfriend, Holly, for a day of fun. They were out visiting from the East Coast for Danny’s birthday. Between work and my half marathon, my schedule didn’t allow for me to go for longer. But I took this as an opportunity to cross an item off my bucket list (fly round trip in a day) and explore more of my new state with friends.

033So, what did we do? They picked me up curbside and we headed to breakfast. It was a good, home-cooked meal and the perfect cure for their hangovers and my exhaustion. I think I had fruit and an egg-white scramble. It was delicious. Then we jumped back in the car and followed Holly’s excellent navigational skills over the Bay Bridge. It was fairly foggy and windy, but I could still see Alcatraz, so I was happy! Then we walked out the point of the bay and quested for the lighthouse. Unfortunately, the tunnel was closed but we enjoyed the wildlife and views anyway.


Next, we jetted down the hill to the adorable town of Sausalito. The boats, the cute shops, the winding streets, and the view of the bay… Brilliant. Then we paused at Copita Tequileria y Comida for a light lunch of chicken tacos. We could watch the chicken being roasted over an open fire while we enjoyed our pisco sours. This was the first time I’d found pisco in the states (I was introduced in Chile) and it was delicious. Then we indulged in ice cream while we finished walking through town.


After crossing back over the bridge we cranked the music and headed towards 1709 Broderick Street. What song was playing? “…When you’re lost out there, and you’re all alone, a light is waiting to carry you home…” And where were we going? To the Full House actual house, duh 😉 And yes, we blasted the theme song. And yes, we stopped in the middle of the road for pictures. And yes, we circled the block to see it one more time… And then might’ve ended up on the wrong side of the street facing oncoming traffic. But at least a nice cab driver told us before we got hit. Success!


Then we hit up a few bars in the downtown district and just enjoyed each others company. We played skeeball, we played shuffleboard, we drank, we talked, we just had fun. Several hours later, when Holly and I got tired of losing to Danny, we headed back to the airport 😦 I crashed on the plane on the way back but luckily it was an empty flight and I had an entire row of seats to myself. After landing I cruised back up to Carlsbad and went to sleep in my own bed. It was an amazing day and really fun for me to show up to the airport with just my purse. I didn’t have to pack or get a ride or check bags… Just me. It was a long day but a day well worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I also can’t wait to go back to SF and see more of the city and people I know there… But isn’t that always the case?


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