It’s Sink or Swim Time

I got an email Thursday from my triathlon… and it kinda made me nervous!  And it’s now less than 24 hours before gun time. So I figured I might as well share my pre-race thoughts with the world. I will start with the “negatives” or the reservations I have. Then I’ll end with the positives, because those are what I’ll focus on during my actual race. These are obviously a stream-of-consciousness, so don’t think I’m in a panic or freaking out, I’m not.  These are just all the different thoughts I’ve had in the last 24 hours or so. Here we go:


– I have to swim almost a full mile in the Pacific Ocean, during Shark Week, and in freezing cold and dark waters full of better swimmers… human and otherwise.

– I have only worn my wetsuit once. And my goggles tend to fog around 1,200 meters.

– My right quad muscle still tires faster than it should after I pulled it a month or so again playing kickball.

– I still haven’t decided which shoes I want to bike/run in. Or what to wear under my wetsuit.

– I have yet to see any part of the course, and it might be quite challenging as far as hills go for the bike and run portion.

– My left thumb is still giving me a lot of trouble, which doesn’t sound that significant, but for shifting and resting on it on my bike… Ugh. I jammed it pretty good two weeks ago playing dodgeball and I honestly think I may’ve chipped a little part of the bone off.  Whoops?

– My goal time is the same time as they close the course. So I’m going to have to hustle.

– I have to plan out my drop bags this morning before checking in, and I feel completely unorganized this morning.

– My head is so full of fluid it sloshes when I move. My nose is running faster than I will be. My throat is swollen and dry. None of this will help my breathing throughout the race.

– Did I mention I have to swim almost a mile in the ocean? And then bike 25 miles? And then run a 10K? Ahhh!!!


Let’s Do This!

– I’ve been training for 12 weeks, or close to three months.

– I’ve logged 19,950 meters of swim training… which sounds like a lot to me. A combination of pulls, kicks, breast stroke, bilateral breathing, and ocean swims.

– I’ve run and biked enough to get to San Francisco, if I were to go in a straight line.

– I’m really, really excited to get to run through part of the Olympic training center!

– I’ve raced triathlons before and all the little details work out every time.

– I’ve set personal goals of 1) finishing 2) crossing the line in under four hours 3) not being the last competitor before they close the course.

– I’m excited to start the race by the Naval Dockyard and race up from the Pacific Ocean on my bike.

– I’ve performed better than expected in every race I’ve run in Southern California, so I know I’m actually even more prepared than I currently think I am.

– I’m ultimately just excited to be a part of this event and draw on the energy of the other racers, both today at the Expo and tomorrow and the race.


So as I spend the next 22 hours getting ready and trying to focus on the positives, please send up a prayer for me or just think about me as you wake up in the morning.  I’ll post an “I’m alive” update on Facebook shortly after I finish and will obviously write a recap here next week when I get the chance. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your support throughout this journey!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paige
    Aug 10, 2013 @ 11:50:11

    You got this, Karen! So proud of your hard work.



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