300 Abs for 30 Days

I’ve been doing tons of cardio recently to get ready for my triathlon and Crossfit has been great strength training to add in. But I have felt that my core has really been lacking. So I decided to try the following workout for 30 days:


Now the first obvious problem with this workout is that the last section only adds up to 90, not 100. To compensate for that, I do 20 on each side for the oblique V-ups instead of just 15. I went with this workout because it seemed to have a good balance of upper and lower abs, as well as sides. I also thought that picking a set workout to do each day that was simple and quick would encourage me to actually do it.

I started five days ago and so far really like it! I can continually work because the order of the exercises moves around the different parts of the stomach. This means the whole workout takes less than 10 minutes. My abs are definitely sore when doing the workout the next day, but it’s not crazy hard. I’m thinking about repeating the first 100 next week, then adding on the next group week two, then finally doing the whole workout twice the last week. Just to make it even more challenging for myself 😉

I’ll update at the end of the 30 days with results, but I’m hoping for at least a two-pack, lol. Feel free to join me and share your results in 30 days!!

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