Life Update, Just Because :)

Hey everybody! Life has been busy for me recently, as I’m sure it has been for you.  I have really taken a positive, motivated turn in my nutrition and fitness though which has been encouraging.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have really been trying to cut out “crappy” carbs and snacks.  This goal is two-fold because not only does it prevent me from eating certain foods, but it also forces me to add in new foods. A lot of people have asked me about what I’ve been doing differently and why, and I should start by saying that I am by NO means an expert and this process is constantly morphing and changing as I continue to learn and experiment. Here’s an outline of what I’ve been getting into though, hopefully it will help you too!


Monday through Friday, my roommate and I take turns making smoothies for each other depending on who has to leave for work earlier. We found this amazing smoothie formula on one of my new favorite websites and I like it because it allows us to mix up the fruits and veggies while keeping the right consistency.  I prefer using cucumbers, banana, almond butter, ground flaxseed, spinach, soy milk, coconut oil, and honey… then whatever fruit we might have.  This is usually papaya, mango, strawberries, blueberries, etc. It’s good stuff and starts my days off right!  On weekends I make 1-2 eggs, have a side of fruit, some sausage, and a veggie muffin.  Breakfast has always been my favorite meal and I feel like I have it on lock down right now.


I was a little worried about this meal because I like to munch along all day.  But goldfish and wheat thins and peanut butter and cheese are all out for right now… so what was I going to eat?!  I started with what I knew, fruits and veggies and meats.  So most days I have sliced sweet peppers, either ground turkey or raw salmon, grapes, cutie oranges, and either walnuts or almonds.  Lots to snack on throughout the day! I also drink a nalgene bottle (32 oz) of water with cucumbers slices in it, a nalgene of water with a multi-vitamin powder in it, and ideally a third nalgene of water.  Ideally. And yes, I pee a lot.


This is absolutely the hardest one for me, but I’m getting better.  I need to continue to expand my options and add in new items.  But I like to grill portabello mushrooms or make chili lime chicken skewers… and sides are typically pineapple and zucchini or squash. I do like to eat simply and always have avoided condiments and dressings, but I know I need to expand my dinner options so I don’t get bored and give up.  I also still struggle with a “dessert” option, but have found natural fruit strips that are just sweet enough to count or I pop a handful of dried cranberries after dinner and that usually satisfies the sweet craving.  Oh! And I usually drink a glass of passion iced tea, unsweetened.


I am continuing to train for my Olympic distance triathlon, which has been a lot of fun to train for so far.  I am good at the slow and steady workouts and know I need to focus more on speed these next few weeks.  But I’ve been putting in 2-3 swim workouts, 2-3 runs, and 2-3 long bikes a week. If that hasn’t kept me busy enough, I’ve been lifting at the gym once a week and going to yoga once a week. I’ve also joined a kickball league which is SO much fun! Our team is awesome and while I was nervous going in because I don’t really do ball sports.  But I’m learning the specific rules and nuances that make it different than softball or baseball (not that I’ve really ever played either of those).  It’s just nice to get outside on Sunday afternoons and play with new people 🙂

Oh, and the last new thing I’ve added to my athletic pursuits is CrossFit.  There was a Groupon so I’m trying it out with Brian.  I have to admit, I was hesitant going in because I cannot stand screaming and yelling and blasting music and chaos while working out.  That just doesn’t motivate me.  Tell me what to do, and let me do it.  I realize this sends off a stand-offish vibe and that it makes me a gym loner.  So I’m trying to work on that by going to these group classes.  It honestly hasn’t been bad! The coaches explain really well how to do the circuits and exercises with correct form, which I love.  Then we adjust weights as needed, so I do the prescribed legs and then just under the prescribed arms for now.  Then we rotate around in small groups or partners and get our circuits done.  Is it anything earth-shattering or really new? I don’t think so. Is it good cardiovascular lifting that gets me in the gym and working on strength when I hate doing it alone? Yes. So there’s that 🙂


So how have I seen changes?  The biggest thing I’ve noticed is my flatter stomach and I think that comes solely from changing my diet.  I used to get frustrated that I worked out so much and still had extra fat there, and knew it was from eating.  My shoulders and upper back muscles are way more defined than they were, which I think comes mainly from swimming so much.  My legs I feel like look the exact same as they did. My weight has maintained since I moved to California last August, as in I weighed the exact same this morning as I did when I moved here.  But I’m trying to remind myself that more is muscle and less is fat.  I’ve still got some work to do, but the bottom line for me is to just enjoy what I’m doing and make changes slowly so I really embrace and see the changes and thus motivate myself to keep it up.  I don’t want to be too drastic too fast because I’ll just get frustrated and burn out.  So here’s to keeping this up through the rest of the summer!

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