Bermuda Birthday Bash

So you see, the problem with not blogging while traveling is that when I get back home I jump right into the deep end of life and I just don’t get around to it.  I did two weeks ago go to Bermuda to celebrate my mother’s upcoming 60th birthday.  She invited tons of women to join her on this trip and 14 of us ended up going.  Honestly, some of the details are all blurred together now, but I’ll give you the (very) short version here.  Oh, and for those of you that are visual learners, check out my album on Facebook where I just uploaded 200 pictures. That was another reason for the delay.

So we drove up to New Jersey to get on our “new” ship, after our original ship had a kitchen fire two weeks before we left.  The itinerary was board Sunday, two days at sea, then three days in Bermuda, then another day at sea, and get home Sunday morning.  I haven’t don’t open water cruising before and should warn y’all that it is not for the faint of heart.  Definitely a different experience than I’ve had before.  But I spent the first two days just exploring the ship, going to trivia, going to the shows, meeting my fellow travelers, and hanging out by the pool.  I was determined to keep up my triathlon training on the trip, so I did swim (a lot) of short laps in the salt water pool and I biked in the fitness center and then ran on land while we were docked.

In Bermuda we explored St. George’s, where we found my personal favorite beach which was just next to St. Catherine’s Fort and very secluded.  Tons of sea glass if you were willing to work for it (I was!).  Another day we went on an all day adventure with a native to the island whose grandfather, and great-grandfather, had manned the lighthouse which we went up in and was pretty neat.  She took us to some rather unique places and gave us tons of history and side stories, which was fun. We also took water ferries over to Hamilton one afternoon to explore the “city” on the island, and I definitely checked out the craft shops near the boat where I could watch glass blowing, rum cake baking, and clay pot spinning all within a few blocks!

The food on the ship was, of course, incredible and I managed to limit myself to mainly fruits, veggies, meats, and of course a little ice cream on the side 🙂  One night we had dinner at Qsine on the ship, which turned into a 14 course experience with dishes being passed constantly and presentations like I’ve never seen before.  Just a lot of fun for everyone and definitely plenty of time to chat in between bites. Our server was extremely enthusiastic and called us his “little girls” the whole time, lol.  The shows at night were also entertaining and ranged from Broadway to a Capella to stand-up comedy to magic. I have to admit that I didn’t sleep much because I often stayed up for the later events and then got up early to work out before it got crowded.

Overall, I had an amazing time and really enjoyed exploring this cute island.  If I did it again, or recommended it to anyone else, I would say skip the boat and fly there.  Then pitch a tent and camp all over the place while exploring the gorgeous beaches and coves scattered all around.  It was the perfect trip for this group though and I had a great time getting to know so many of my mom’s friends a little better… and I certainly laughed a lot this week.  That’s all for now, but I’ll try to update again soon on new happenings out west later this week… happy July!!


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