Vacationing in Virginia

A short 12 hours after getting home from Sequoia, my awesome roommate drove me to the airport to fly to Virginia! I laid over in Denver and got to talk to my adorable niece, Rachel, and brother while I waited for my next flight. Mom picked me up at Dulles and we did some travel planning and such that night. But let me back up for a second… So our school has two weeks of vacation before summer session starts and when they hired me, I told them I needed three weeks. I wasn’t being greedy, but I had already booked a cruise for my mom’s 60th birthday the first week of summer school. They said okay and I took the job. So we leave on that cruise (more on it next post) on Sunday. I figured if I was coming to the East Coast, I might as well come a week early to see my family and friends!

So Tuesday morning Mom and I drove down to Newport News, VA to see my paternal grandparents. We had a nice lunch with them and then drove then on a few errands. One of these was taking them to vote in the democratic primaries for VA, for which my Grandmother had researched and written her candidates on a sticky note so she wouldn’t forget and took that in with her, lol. Then we had dinner in Williamsburg, VA with my maternal grandparents.

I should pause to mention that I am trying to train for my triathlon right now, which means fitting in workouts wherever I am. Mom and I went to her fitness center at 5am before driving south so I could get a swim workout in and she could lift, bike, and walk. And I had the absolute pleasure of working out with my Grandfather two mornings while in Williamsburg and meeting all the fascinating “old men” he works out with. They all had really interesting life stories and putting me to shame in the gym! I also ran outside one morning while visiting Paige and remembered what I don’t miss about hot, humid Virginia summers.

Back to my week though, so I left Mom with her parents and drive south again to Buffalo Junction, VA to see my dear friend Paige. She’s going to be principal of the high school she’s been working at next year and it was cool to see her office and school! We then spent many many hours talking, relaxing, watching TLC, and just enjoying each other’s company. I did lock the keys in my mother’s car, which was quite an ordeal in the middle of nowhere, but it reminded me of the awesome hospitality of small, southern towns.

Then I drove back to Williamsburg late Thursday night and Mom and I cruised north Friday morning after stopping in to chat awhile with my great-aunt Murph. Storms had knocked out power to much of the Tidewater region, so we scurried off before the day got too hot. Mom dropped me at the metro in NOVA so I could ride in to see Claire! We went to an outdoor concert in the sculpture gardens of DC last night and the weather was perfect. We then walked over to have tapas near Chinatown at La Tasca, which we have frequented over the years.

Time for another pause in the story, so my roommate and I have been trying to eat healthier and “cleaner”, I guess. He calls it Paleo (with some exceptions) and I like to say I’m cutting out crappy carbs and processed foods. Whichever way, I’m basically trying to limit eating breads/grains, cheese, and pre-packaged or “fake” snacks. The goal of this is to feel better and have more energy, while at the same time forcing me to explore fresher, more natural foods. I don’t want to default to Goldfish and Wheat Thins for snacks when I could munch on baby cucumbers and almonds (both of which I’ve discovered I really like). This has been a challenge on this trip but I’ve actually done really well (I think) and am excited to keep it up!

So now to wrap up my pre-cruise trip, I’m hanging out with Claire in DC today and doing some fun touristy things. Then either tonight or tomorrow morning I’m meeting back up with Mom to drive to New Jersey for our cruise! As always, I’ve loved visiting home but it is never enough time to see everyone or do everything I want to :/ Oh well, I can only do what I can do and will enjoy that while I’m here. Happy summertime everyone!

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  1. Susan Oliver
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 08:35:14

    Did this send before you finished? I got the parking vouchers, an onboard “coupon” book, & some hoop earrings w/Celebrity logo on them for everyone! Off to deliver. Celtic Woman at Wolf Trap was great. Perfect weather. I thought of Dad.

    Love, Mom



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