Training for Survival

This is going to be a quick post because I’m currently in a hotel room in some town in the “Midwest” of California… Whatever that means. We are on our way to Sequoia National Park and I couldn’t be more excited! But I digress, this post is supposed to be about my latest athletic undertaking so here I go.

I’ve wanted to push myself to complete an Olympic distance triathlon for a few years now. After monitoring courses and terrain and my athletic ability, I finally found one to tri (haha, that’s funny to me). So this race is in August and will be in a southern suburb of San Diego. I’m excited but also really nervous, mainly for the swim (what else is new?). We are swimming in what I call the bay, but it’s the ocean between San Diego and Coronado Island. This means little visibility but also little waves, so it should be okay? We are swimming just under a mile which is a long way in open water for someone whose weakness is probably swimming.

After the swim, we head up consistently from the beach into Chula Vista on the bike. This portion is going to be tough but in theory it is my strong point. Or at least it used to be… Running may have passed biking now. Especially since I still use a hybrid bike, not a road bike. It will be about 25 miles from the water to the run, nice that it’s a point-to-point so we don’t repeat.

The run I’m actually excited about for three reasons. One, it is partially on trails which is easier on the legs. Two, it goes through our Olympic training center which I hope has rings somewhere I can photograph. Three, if I get to the run it will mean I didn’t drown or crash my bike! But seriously, it will be nice to “only” do 6.2 miles for the run and I’m hoping to be able to finish strong.

You are probably wondering if I have goals for this race and I do. Finish. I haven’t even thought about time goals for each part yet. I’m just hoping to train according to my plan and then do the best I can do. The following week I’m scheduled to complete the last of my triple crown half marathon series. I’m hoping the the miles on my bike and in the water will compensate my lack of running miles. We shall see and I’ll worry about that after this race 🙂

Alright, that’s all for now… Time for gigantic trees!!


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