May is Movie Month… Apparently

I have been to a ton of movies in the last few weeks, mainly because so many good ones have come out, but also because I just really like relaxing to a good movie.  And San Diego has the saying, “May gray and June gloom”, so it’s been perfect movie-watching weather! I’m going to give my two cents on a few I’ve seen, but don’t worry I won’t spoil any of them for you. I promise!  Also, some of these I want to talk about because they are independent films or less-known and I think they are worth getting recognition.  Anyway, each review will be quick and concise so you can decide for yourselves if these movies are worth seeing. Oh! And they are in no specific order because I believe you can’t compare apples to oranges 🙂



Amazing movie that was really nicely done.  I will say that it takes a fairly “feel-good” approach to the integration of baseball with Jackie Robinson.  As a historian, I know that there was more violence, more threats, and more issues surrounding this player and his team.  They kind of glossed over most of that with one key example of each type of problem, but it’s a movie and they have to keep moving.  This is a great story, based on real life, and it has enough action, drama, and romance to keep even the least baseball-savvy viewer engaged. I think it’s pretty much out of theaters now, but rent it on Netflix or Redbox if you can!


Iron Man 3

I’ve watching this trilogy because others wanted to, but I have to say that I did actually like this one the best.  The villains were just crazy enough that I liked them without thinking they were creepy. And the amount of technology used was fascinating to watch.  It was also nice to have the little boy to keep Stark grounded in reality, which is always my concern because the other two movies have tended to be a little “life in a bubble” for me.  It’s a blockbuster hit because it carries the Iron Man name, has decent acting, and enough explosions to entertain the men.  These types of movies are pretty standard so they don’t get me THAT excited, but overall it was a good finish to the series and the visuals are interesting enough that you should see it in theaters… at a matinée.


The Impossible

If you see only one of the movies I write about today, rent this one and watch it.  How did I not know about this movie before? This is based on a TRUE STORY of a family caught while vacationing in Thailand during the terrible tsunami of 2006.  They have three kids and all five of them are separated at various points in the chaotic relief efforts that take place after the fact. It’s a powerful display of human compassion and I literally had to stop what I was working on to just watch the film.  The acting is good, especially considering the young age of so many of the main characters, and the scenery is breath-taking.  If you want an exciting, moving story along the lines of Hotel Rwanda (without the violence) then check it out!


Now You See Me

This was one movie I was on the fence about, mainly because I don’t usually go to the mystical, magical movies… they don’t do it for me.  But this was set up more like a federal investigation of a crime, that happened to be committed by magic.  Or so it seems.  The whole point of it was to figure out how they were doing what they were doing, so it was cool to see the tricks explained.  I liked the acting and the premise of the story, which did have an Ocean’s 11 kind of feel just because of layout.  While I don’t love Mark Ruffalo as an actor, I do love Morgan Freeman and Isla Fisher.  And yes, I just had to look up two of those three names.  The movie kept me guessing the whole time and was really worth going to see… not sure it has to be seen in theaters, but you should watch it.


Star Trek Into Darkness

Another movie I went to because of others, but I like good movies so I figured I would try it out.  I should start this review by saying that this is the first Star Trek film I’ve seen in its entirety, so there will be zero comment on how true it stayed to the originals or continuing plots or references, sorry!  As a stand-alone film, I thought it was good. The sets and scenes were visually interesting and sci-fi enough for me… if that’s a thing? It was a good story of rising above and doing what’s right, with a strong cameo from the original Spock, which was cool because I recognized that’s who that was, lol.  Gives me a lot of hope for the new Star Wars coming out in a few years since the same director is making both films.  This one though, you’ve either already stood in line to see or it’s not your thing… so you decide.



Eh. If you don’t go see one movie on this list, skip this one.  Sorry Tom Cruise, I usually like you in movies but you just didn’t do it for me this time. I have a hard time staying engaged when movies revolve around just one or two characters and this was no exception.  The plot was only alright and the scenery was cool, I guess, but I preferred Star Trek over this for sci-fi. I also didn’t love the female lead, who I’m even too lazy to look up right now… she did alright opposite TC but they just didn’t hold my attention. I vote pass, but if you “have” to see it, wait to rent it.


Take Me Home

This was an independent film I watched on Apple TV, which I was proud of myself for successfully figuring out (only took me six months). It’s about a woman who ends up paying a fake NYC taxi cab driver to take her cross-country to Encinitas, CA… which just so happens to be three miles from where I’m currently sitting.  Now, my biggest gripe with the movie was that when they finally arrive, the street sign of the house clearly says Coronado Blvd, which everyone knows is on Coronado Island and not actually in Encinitas. But that’s neither here nor there, the movie is funny and a cute story about two people so down in life that they think what they are doing is actually a good idea.  I’ll laugh at that chaos every time, lol.  If you can find it online or at a rental, check it out on a rainy day, it’s cute!


Wow, so I really have watched a lot of movies lately… Yikes! But as you can see, most of them were worth it. Damn you, entertainment industry, lol.  I will say that I’ve refrained from Hangover III and plan to Redbox that. And I’m planning to go to Fast & Furious 6 alone one morning this week because of the nostalgia it holds for me (and apparently no one else).  And I’m sure others will come up, I’m looking forward to some good chick flicks this summer, oh and The Heat with Sandra Bullock looks hilarious.  But for now, enjoy the movies!


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