I Love You, Mom!

Today is Mother’s Day and I am currently over three thousand miles away from my mom, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about her! My last post was about feeling blessed and this one is too.  I have an amazing mom who has always been supportive of me and my crazy dreams. She’s the organizer of our family and the one who keeps in touch with everyone. She is always smiling and often laughing 🙂 I could, of course, go on and on and on about how great Mom is, and those of you who have the pleasure to know her would agree with me.  But instead, I’m going to post some pictures of us over the years just to remind her (and me) how much fun we’ve had together. Enjoy!

ks hug



end 028

bamt 167


megg, mom, me

I included this last picture because my sister-in-law is a mom too! Of course, I should include to my wonderful grandmother’s as well, because without them I wouldn’t have my parents.  So Happy Mother’s Day to Grandmother Oliver, Grandma Lord, Meggan, and MOM! I love all four of you ladies and wish we could be together today, but I’ll see you soon.  And Happy Mother’s Day to the rest of you mom’s out there and thanks for all the hard work and long hours you put in to raise your kids, as a teacher I especially appreciate it 🙂

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