My head has been in a much better space the last week or so. I think because I am back on a healthy, active track (not that I ever really wasn’t), my roommate has come home, I’ve got fun plans coming up, I really like my job, and I have been spending more time with great friends. Basically, I’m pausing to remember how blessed I truly am.

Health-wise it just feels good not to be on a workout schedule for the first time since October. Sure, I’ve got some smaller races coming up but I’m running when I want, lifting when I can, and just moving the rest of the time. My neighbor and I have been walking Monday mornings and are now adding in Thursday classes at our gym when we can. I’ve been working out more because I’m doing what I feel like on a given day. I’ve also continued to eat fairly healthy since my cleanse and am continuing to alter my diet in healthier ways.

May is going to be crazy, but hopefully crazy fun. Last weekend we had a Cinco de Mayo party at our house, which just brought together most of my California friends. We had a great time and just enjoyed each others company. This coming weekend (tomorrow!!) my “little sister” and long-time friend Katie is making the trek out to Cali to see me! We are running a color run up in Orange and then just exploring SoCal and catching up. The following weekend Brian and I are flying to Corpus Christi, Texas to see his family, run a marathon relay, and visit our friend Josiah’s new bar and restaurant. I LOVE Texas and all of those people/things so it should be good. THEN the next weekend is Memorial Day and I think I’ve decided to join a friend and new group on a camping trip at the Grand Canyon for the long weekend. Details to follow.

Oh, and did I mention that I’ve added more hours to work? I now work monday evenings online, full days Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in San Diego, and three-quarter days on Wednesday in Carlsbad. But I love my staff and getting to know them better, and my students are wonderful. I’m actually looking forward to graduation in a few weeks even though I barely know most of our seniors! Side note: thank you to all of my former teachers and teachers in my life, happy teacher appreciation week!

Or did I mention that I’m reading college admission essays to provide feedback to youth through the foster program I volunteer with? They are 18-25 year olds who aren’t in foster care anymore, and whose foster parents aren’t active in their lives anymore. So by reading, editing, and giving suggestions on their essays, we can hopefully improve their chances of getting into college. This is one of the many aspects of this amazing program I got involved with initially back in the fall. I’m excited to sit on this committee with a group of other awesome volunteers. I’ll have to read about 50 essays in 10 days for this part of the process.

Or that I’ve been accepted to be a grader for the International Baccalaureate (IB) testing this May? I’ll be reading the World History question number two for students all over the world. It’s done completely online and will serve as a nice side job for the month, but it means reading 200+ essays and scoring them in 2.5 weeks. Yikes! If I perform to their standards, I will in theory repeat this process for the fall testing in November as well, which is really cool.

Alright, that’s enough bragging about my life for now 😉 Really, I have just found myself feeling blessed and humbled by how great my life is in this moment. Several births of babies and weddings and other exciting announcements from friends and family have reminded me of that. Ive also had a few striking conversations recently that really got my brain spinning around this idea of blessings. So thank y’all for reading this post, for being in my life, and for leading your lives as examples to me. Love ya!

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