Dr. Oz Three-Day Detox

Before any of you freak out about me not eating, or starving myself, or binge dieting. This isn’t/wasn’t what this detox was about. The goal of this detox is to get all the healthy nutrients you need for the day without a bunch of added fats or sugars. Several of my friends have tried this and said they felt a lot better afterwards, so I figured why not? It is also known as a “non-abrasive” way to get some of the toxins that build up in our digestive tract out, which can’t hurt either. So I decided to try this last Weds-Fri for several reasons: I work all day Thurs/Fri so it wouldn’t interfere with life too much and Weds was May 1st so it seemed like a great time to start. Step one: go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy stuff.20130506-062905.jpgThose of you who might be interested in trying this plan will want to know that overall it cost me about $63. And I obviously didn’t finish the whole can of flax-seed or the whole half-gallon of almond milk, so I have some leftovers to keep using. And this was all nine meals for those three days, plus vitamins, so it works out to about $7 a meal. Which is expensive, especially for breakfast, but reasonable in my mind to try for three days. So the deal is that you drink a green tea each morning (I did not add Stevia as recommended). Then you have three different smoothies for each meal, but then repeat them for each of the three days. I made some minor modifications, which I’ll describe below, but for the most part they were edible and actually kinda good!20130506-062936.jpgThe above smoothie is breakfast, which was probably my favorite. It was also the only one that didn’t use kale. I don’t love kale. The green stuff is spinach, then raspberries and a banana drive the flavor, with some almond butter, lemon juice, and flax-seed mixed in. This one was probably my favorite and I will continue to blend and drink it for breakfasts in the future. I didn’t make any changes to it as the days went on, which I also took as a good sign. I also enjoyed the green tea, although I microwaved it to help infuse the flavors faster and thus had warm-ish tea on my morning commute. Eh. Just left me feeling really thirsty by the time I got to work.20130506-062948.jpgAbove is the lunch smoothie, fully blended. On the last day. This one took some tweaking on my part to get it to drinkable. The first day I made it as listed and it was super chunky and thick and green and gross. I made it through about 1/6 of it before calling it off. Day two was better but I mistakenly threw in the pineapple core so again it was weird and chunky. Friday I finally got it down to drinkable, but it was still REALLY filling and I couldn’t finish it. The edits I made were using half as much kale, only two stalks of celery, and only half the cucumber. This cut down on the big chunky pieces, which allowed the rest to blend nicely. It also let the pineapple come through a little more to help the flavor. My least favorite and one I will probably never make again. Sorry Dr. Oz, I’m sure it’s healthy but it’s just not happening.20130506-062916.jpgThe picture above is everything I took with me to work for the day. From the left: extra water to drink in between meals (with cucumber for flavor!), breakfast smoothie, lunch smoothie, morning tea. Do you see why I was going to the bathroom all day every day? Anyway, to comment on the dinner smoothie as well, it was okay. I didn’t modify it too much other than cutting back on the kale a little. I liked it, especially the blueberries and mango, and I’d probably alternate it for breakfast with the actual breakfast smoothie.

Below is the printed sheet for what I did, but you can also just Google “Dr. Oz Three-Day Detox” and it will come up. Oh, and I didn’t do the detox baths. I don’t do baths and it seemed frivolous, but if that’s your thing, go for it! I also definitely did NOT make my favorite smoothie again for a snack. If you’re a guy, you might need to, if you’re a female who eats an average amount of food, you absolutely won’t need or want it.20130506-062927.jpgSo what did I get out of this plan? Well for starters, I lost just over six pounds in three days. Now some was water weight and I’ve gained about 1.5 pounds back already. But still that’s a 4.5 pound loss? More importantly, I did feel healthier or cleaner or whatever you want to call it. I know this isn’t sustainable and I hope to just incorporate what I learned into my daily routine. I learned I really like almond milk! And I still hate coconut water. I prefer spinach over kale, but will actually throw spinach into my smoothies from now on without worrying about texture or flavor.  I also learned what flax-seeds are and how to use them to help my digestive system.

Overall, I liked this plan because I knew exactly what I was consuming. It wasn’t some gross mystery powder you just swirled into water and drank all day. And it was only three days. I can stick with almost anything for three days. So I’m glad I tried it and would suggest it to someone more interested in health than weight-loss. If you check it out, feel free to comment and let us know how it goes!

**Update: I did this same detox in August 2014 and wrote a review about how it went the second time around. Check it out here!**

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  1. Liz @ ourbusybee(s)
    May 06, 2013 @ 09:32:03

    Loving your Virginia Tervis! I have the same one, it’s my favorite!



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