Das Schnitzel Schmeckte Gut

Translation: The schnitzel tasted good. This past Tuesday night we decided in German food for dinner and I chose to take on making schnitzel. I wanted to try frying in my new, bigger skillet! I will admit that I cheated and bought my pork already filleted and tenderized from Tip Top meats. But I did then go through and trim some of the bigger fat chunks off the edges.


Next, I set about prepping the coatings. On the left is flour and on the right is breadcrumbs. I realized I only had Italian seasoned crumbs, but we rolled with it. For the center mix, I blended three eggs, a cup of milk, and three tablespoons each of salt and pepper. I felt like that was way too much? But my sou chef Sean said to go with it, so we did. I should pause to mention that this was not a healthy entree on any standards, but I did try to substitute healthier ingredients where I could.


Next up was the coating and frying process! I wish I had a picture of my hands after dipping the meat first in eggs, then in flour, then back in eggs, and finally in the breadcrumbs. I did get smarter after the first two rounds and just go ahead and dip the last four all at the same time so I didn’t have to clean my fingers each time. After it was battered, I dropped the meat (carefully) into the hot oil and watched it sizzle!


The frying process actually took a lot longer than I thought, but it was also a lot cleaner too. Of course there were a few splatters on the stove too, but I didn’t get hit at all and nothing got on my clothes, yay! After checking each side and flipping and guessing and discussing, we finally concluded that about 5-6 minutes on each side was the ideal time. I had the oven on 200 degrees with a baking sheet in there, and put each piece in to keep warm since I was frying one at a time.


Once all the pieces were done, and our delicious asparagus (Sean’s contribution), we grabbed our glasses and sat down to eat. I should mention that we had sangria, which is very un-German because I am going on a cruise in June and we can take two bottles of alcohol on each. I don’t love regular wine though, and I saw this sangria at Costco the other day and wanted to try it. The boys saw it in the fridge, so away we went! Oh, and not shown in the picture below is the amazing German chocolate cake Xavier brought for dessert. I wasn’t a huge fan of the coconut mixture on top, but I did really like the cake and it was the perfectly sweet ending to our slightly Americanized German dinner!


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