Another Wacky Wednesday

Let me start by saying that I realize Wednesday is not even half over yet, but it’s going to be a fun one I can already tell! I’m currently sitting in a parking lot of a warehouse complex waiting for AAA to come tow my car to a mechanic so I can get a new starter. It had been acting funny but I was in denial. Thank goodness this isn’t a workday is all I can say.

But back to the real story and the question I’m sure you are all asking, what were you doing in a warehouse parking lot in the middle of the day on a Wednesday? To remind y’all, I currently only work for a few hours on Monday and Wednesday evenings because I am not ready to give up my funemployment Cali life completely. I like to be able to explore and do different things during the week and in the daylight. So when I got an email from Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill asking if I wanted to participate in their tasting panel today, I of course said yes!


It just so happens that their tasting center is three miles from my house! I had signed up for an 11am slot, not sure how long it would take exactly. I got here right on time, grabbed a clipboard with two questionnaires attached, and headed into the room. It was set up like a testing center for middle schoolers with project display boards dividing the tables so we couldn’t talk to or see our neighbors. We were given water, chips, a fork, and a napkin and told the food was on its way.


We were testing a new menu item, blackened mahi tacos topped with onions, red cabbage, corn, and a chipotle sauce. Sample A came out first and was really good but really spicy! My eyes were watering before I finished the taco, but I liked the flavors. Sample B was a lot milder but also a lot creamier, which I didn’t love either. They were both items I would order again though off the actual menu though.


After turning in my feedback forms, I was given three coupons for free tacos in the future at Rubio’s! That was on top of the free lunch I had today. Win! Overall this was a cool experience and I would absolutely do it again. But now, I’m off to the mechanic to fix what now appears to be a dead battery. Then work tonight before heading south to the Padres game with my growth group! Ah Wednesday adventures… enjoy!


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