Truly a Smash Food Reviews

It’s been a while since I’ve written any reviews but I’ve eaten at a few good places recently so here we go!

True Food Kitchen – Fashion Valley, CA

The concept behind this restaurant was healthy, farm-grown food. In fact, the interior of the place kind of feels like an outdoor picnic with lots of casual tables and AstroTurf with plants all around. It’s really cute! Our waitress was amazing and did a great job of explaining their philosophy on local and cleansing foods so we weren’t intimidated by the menu. I was in the mood for a sandwich so I got the shaved turkey. It was in a pita and topped with provolone, onion, grapes, and a yogurt dressing. So very Greek influenced.  And SO good. I was just going to eat half, but it was just way too good.

On top of that, our waitress asked if I wanted the kale salad or sweet potato fries for my side. What?! How can I choose between those? Sensing my hesitation, she then said the most magical words I’ve heard in a restaurant ever, “Or you can get half-and-half”. YES. Done. And the best decision of the night. The fries were lightly fried and crunchy on the outside while soft in the middle… perfection. The kale salad was light as well and the dressing it had been tossed in was incredible. What a delicious, healthy meal! I strongly recommend you check it out next time you’re near one (there are several as it is a regional chain).

Smashburger – Vista, CA

This is also a chain, but one that we don’t have in Virginia (at least to my knowledge). Everyone talks about it our here, not quite as much as In ‘N Out but close. Anyway, I had a short time to grab food yesterday and there was one where I was so I went for it.  It’s a fast casual, so you order at the counter and then they bring it to you. I don’t like hamburgers, so I went to the chicken side of their menu and got the Cucumber and Goat Cheese sandwich. Again, SO GOOD! It came on a wheat bun with cucumbers, goat cheese, onions, and spinach. Another Greek-ish creation and another hit in my mouth 🙂

I was again torn by the side choices, but went with the smashfries because they are a specialty. They are straw fries tossed in olive oil, rosemary, and garlic. They were alright, not the best I’ve had. But a nice flavor. I’d probably try the sweet potato fries next time, just for something different. Oh! And I almost forgot the icing on the cake here: they have an iced tea bar! I had to choose between pomegranate red tea and passion green tea. I went with the red tea because it was different from what options you usually get. So delicious and the bar is big clear tubes so you get to watch the levels drop when you pour, lol. It’s the little things in life. Bottom line: not a bad option when you need food fast but don’t want gross fast food!


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