This Week in my Life

A few years ago, I would’ve told you that nothing significant really happens in April. Some years when spring break was early, it was the only month with zero days off from school. But that was about it. As many of you reading this know, there have been a number of recent events that have forever changed that for our country and myself. The good news for me personally, is that I have several really good dates to remember this week to mix in with the tragic ones. So here is my timeline of the week with my thoughts on each of the main events.

April 14th – Megzby Wedding (2012) – Last year I was blessed enough to be asked by two of my favorite people in the world to stand next to them as they made their vows. This experience was so incredible because I got to play a very small part in one of the greatest days of their lives. I went to college with Megz and Bby (as I call them), lived with both of them, and have shared a lot of big life moments with each, individually and together. They were two of the hardest people to move away from and being Megz’ maid of honor was a great excuse for me to see them a ton last spring before I left the East Coast. I love you guys and happy first anniversary!!

Megzby wedding 073 - Copy

April 15th – Boston marathon bombing (2013) – This event is still really fresh and there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding it. I guess my biggest feelings right now are those of sadness for the victims, for the athletes who did or didn’t get to finish, and for the city of Boston whose big day of celebration has forever been tarnished. It makes me sad for the world as a whole too. I view sporting events as pockets of hope in our world which is so often full of despair. That’s why I love the Olympics so much, because I enjoy watching people chase their dreams and put aside cultural differences for two weeks every two years. The same goes for the Boston marathon. Athletes from around the globe trained and competed for years and while they were competing, they were also supporting each other in the race. I know the marathon community, and Boston, will recover from this and I can only pray that tragedies like this don’t happen in the future.

April 16th – VT shooting (2007) – This is another tragic event that hit really close to home. For those of you that don’t know, I went to UVA which is about two hours from Tech and often considered their main rival. So very many of my close friends and family are Hokies, some during this attack, and others before or since. That day I remember being worried about their safety, I remember being upset that one person would act so recklessly, and I remember feeling such a deep sense of loss. Thankfully, I didn’t lose anyone close to me that day and I gained a lot of respect for our state as we all pulled together to help the victims and the school recover. It was also powerful to watch the school mourn and remember while moving past this tragedy and coming out stronger on the other side. And while I will always cheer against freakin’ Tech in sports, I will also always remember that some things in life are just more important than labels like “Hokies” and “Wahoos”.


April 19th – Meggan’s birthday – Without this day in history, I wouldn’t (finally) have a sister! And technically, I wouldn’t have my favorite little munchkin either 🙂 But seriously, it has been so fun getting to know Meggan over the last few years and I really could not have picked a better partner-in-crime for Brother. I wish I could see them more than I do, and that I could be there on Friday to celebrate, but for now this virtual shout-out will have to do… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGGAN!!

CO trip 2400

April 20th – Columbine shooting (1999) – For many Americans of my generation, this was the first major school incident of our time. I was a freshman in high school when this happened and it certainly had an impact on me. I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing when I heard about this shooting. What I do remember were the religious undertones of this event, and how God in schools became a topic of conversation again. Looking back, and coupled with the other events in history this week, it’s a shame that our next generation may grow up being nervous about going to high school, going to college, or participating in marathons. All three things that should be positive, safe, and peaceful events…

April 21st – MOJO wedding (2007) – This is the day Brother married Meggan! This specific day was particularly special because our entire family got together to celebrate with them. We had an amazing time the entire weekend just hanging out, getting to know Meggan’s family, and enjoying our rare time together. I felt honored to be in the wedding with their other family and friends. They also asked me to read touching letters of advice from each of their sets of grandparents about how to make marriages last. As you can see below, we were all more than happy to toast the happy couple that night and I’ll use this image to wish both Meggan and Jason a happy sixth anniversary!!

end 132

Recapping these events in history reminds me what is most important in life: family and friends. I hope you all take time this week to let those important to you know how you feel… love you guys!!


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